South Yorkshire tram-train will cost five times budget at £75.1m

Modification of the rail network for the UK’s first tram-train project has run five times over budget, a public spending watchdog has found.

Network Rail’s work in South Yorkshire will cost £75.1m compared with an initial estimate of £15m when the Sheffield-Rotherham scheme was first approved in 2012, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).

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Sheffield-Rotherham tram-train scheme costs rise to £75m

The UK’s first tram-train scheme will cost five times more than planned, the National Audit Office has said.

The pilot project will enable trams to run on existing train tracks between Sheffield and Rotherham as well as on tram lines on the city streets.

The scheme, originally due to cost £15m will now cost £75m and not be complete until May 2018 – nearly three years overdue.

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2 thoughts on “South Yorkshire tram-train will cost five times budget at £75.1m

  1. Noooooooooooooooooo!! Surely not – a tram project going over budget, surely not.

    Yet another case of dim witted politicians being hoodwinked by officers whose main motivation is to keep themselves in their grossly overpaid jobs.

    This is how they go about it – “yes councillors, it will only cost £15million and these are the cost benefits dee da dee da dee da …….”

    And then they say “ooh, aren’t our officers great, all in favour ….. aye”

    Then it all gets forgotten about until the bills start coming from the really badly managed project and then it’s all too late to turn the clock back, and out come all the usual defence announcements.


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