Rotherham Truth Campaign (RTC) – Aims and first steps

The RTC has three aims initially:

1 To get the truth for those who provided their voices for Voice of Despair Voices of Hope, especially about the so-called “expert guidance”.

2 To get as much truth as possible about how the long term historical abuse happened and was allowed to continue for so long.

3 To ensure that officials at RMBC establish a new culture that operates to a new standard of behaviour, based on The Seven Principles of Public Life.

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I suspect it will take ‘people power’ to get at the truth of Rotherham’s problems?

Those problems, pretty much lie at the heart of our ongoing problem with CSE.

I would ask readers to sign the petition, as a demonstration of ‘people power’ in action.

Rothpol Rik.

sign here:

also: where problems meet?


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