What did the Imams really say?

What did the Imams really say? 

After the 2010 Rotherham grooming and sexual exploitation convictions a meeting was held between leading members of Rotherham’s political establishment and the imams of the local mosques.

According to MP Denis MacShane’s diary the Imams were as shocked as Rotherham’s leaders.

My sources tell me that this is technically true only because the town’s establishment weren’t shocked at all having been fully informed of the burgeoning problem for years as a result of the comprehensive briefings from Risky Business.

Macshane himself was actually invited to address one of the conferences called to discuss the gang rape explosion. He turned up in an apparent state of inebriation and delivered a rambling speech on the need for different ethnic groups to get along and respect one another’s cultural differences.

I will leave it to the reader to speculate what relevance MacShane thought his remarks had to the topic of Mirpuri heritage grooming and rape gangs. 

As for the imams actual response it is known not only to many members of Rotherham’s establishment but also to many local Labour Party members as a certain outraged former Mayor kicked up a huge fuss at a party meeting. However it was agreed that to tell the truth would risk riots on the streets. Hence the truth was buried. 

George Orwell observed that the left of his day were always saying that one shouldn’t speak the truth about one topic or another for fear of playing into the hands of the other side. To which I would observe that if one has to lie so as not to help the other side one needs to question if one is on the right side. 

It is surely now indisputable that the authors of the ‘speak no evil” policy were on the wrong side,  both morally and historically,  in the light of that policy’ s manifest consequences.

Rotherham a byword for sickening depravity and a target for far right agitators from across the land, Asian women threatened with revenge rapes and an 81 year old man beaten to death on his way to morning prayers by a gang of racists incensed by RMBC’s and SYP’s cover up. 

I would appeal to those members of the local political establishment and the Rotherham Labour who know the truth about the meeting with the imams to consider whether, given the track record of lying, it might not be time to give telling the truth a try?

How about it guys? Time to treat the public like adults and tell them what really went down?

Giles Humphry

13 thoughts on “What did the Imams really say?

  1. Not a hope of Labour Members coming out and telling the truth
    They have proved time and time again
    They are the most evil self preservation party
    And will stop at nothing and will try and
    Distroy any one or any thing that dares to
    Challenge and bring out the truth
    To maintain their power and position
    That’s why to date no one has been brought to
    Book in the Rotherham CSE scandals
    Labour members know who knew what and when
    But keep tight lipped mainly through bullying
    And fear of this evil party’s reprisals


  2. Giles, sadly hell will freeze over first before the truth comes out in Rotherham, this is one example of the prevailing culture at the time.

    From the Rotherham Bradford Politics blog

    Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation

    Posted January 2013

    The full text of the response from former Cllr and Deputy Leader Jahangir Akhtar is still available on-line in the dubious Rotherham Bradford Politics blog

     I sent a simple e mail to some of the Cllrs and below is the response from the Deputy Leader, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar

    The final sentence from the rambling response:

    Finally I challenge anyone to produce a single piece of evidence to support the outrageous allegations that ” certain aggressive cllrs stopped investigation” These allegations are total lies.

    The Rotherham Bradford blog makes for very disturbing reading.


    • I have read it. One answer to the question posed re evidence of interference by councillors is the Casey report, though it may not have been published at the time the challenge was issued.


  3. Because I hate any possible inaccuracy I should add that the phrase “the imams.. were.. as horrified as I was” was definitely uttered by MacShane in an interview (quoted in the Mirror but originally by the BBC I think). I think it also appeared in the diaries but I don’t have a copy. In the same interview he says the record shows that no one ever raised this with him. Perhaps he was too drunk to remember the meeting he spoke at.


    • Their Muslim religion instructs them not to associate with non-Muslims and says it’s OK to lie to them as long as it advances Islam.


  4. “Macshane himself was actually invited to address one of the conferences called to discuss the gang rape explosion. He turned up in an apparent state of inebriation and delivered a rambling speech on the need for different ethnic groups to get along and respect one another’s cultural differences.”

    Sounds like a repeat of his comments quoted in Jayne Senior’s book – P206

    “And so.. if we could all just learn to get along and accept the ways of different cultures and to stop competing then we would have a lot more harmony between different sections of our community”

    As this was at a meeting focusing specifically on CSE(Every Child Matters – Marriott Hotel 24/3/06) was this an appeal to be more accepting of grooming/rape/pimping culture?

    Maybe you should e-mail/tweet the malevolent petty criminal to attempt to get his recollections and an explanation of his outrageously crass behaviour.


  5. @panty dropper
    ‘I’ll go with the courts and the rule of the law.’
    Fine with me however there is nothing in Caven’s post that is untrue or unlawful, therefore the basis of your OP is questionable.


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