Government criticised over ‘suppressed’ extremist report

Government criticised over ‘suppressed’ extremist report

The government has been criticised for refusing to publish an internal report on the funding of UK extremist groups.

The home secretary has published a two-page summary which concluded most organisations were funded via small, anonymous British-based donations.

Amber Rudd said she had decided to do so for national security reasons.

Opposition parties claimed the report was being “suppressed” to protect Saudi Arabia which has been accused of being a source of extremist funding.

The Home Office has been under pressure for months to publish its investigation into how Islamist extremist groups in the UK are funded.

Ms Rudd said she would not be making the report public for national security reasons and because of the personal information it contained.

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Extremism:Written statement – HCWS39:

1 thought on “Government criticised over ‘suppressed’ extremist report

  1. So delete the personal information Amber! Saudi is the head of the terrorist snake yet May and Trump are bosom buddies with the Mediaeval theocratic despotism. There was a rare good article in the Indy saying let’s stop saying Terrorism is nothing to do with Islam and acknowledge its all to do with the obscurantist version of Islam aggressively promoted by Saudi. An oversimplification as there are Shiite terrorists too, but broadly right.


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