New measures are needed to stop trans people discrimination

ROTHERHAM MP Sarah Champion called for new measures to prevent discrimination against trans people.

The shadow secretary of state for women and equalities said the Government must deliver on its promise to tackle the abuse being suffered.

Read on…,new-measures-are-needed-to-stop-trans-people-discrimination_23168.htm


2 thoughts on “New measures are needed to stop trans people discrimination

  1. Can somebody please tell Ms Champion that most of us don’t care a rats a..e how people dress or see themselves or who they sleep with…… We have mortgages to pay, kids to raise , bereavements, sickness, relationship issues, work problems, car problems , feeding a family and list goes on and on.. And then there is wars and rumors of wars. We have Mr Hawkins telling us we must inhabit other planets to survive while trying to give our children a future and a hope.
    All of us suffer from bullying idiots from kindergarten to the grave from time to time…. As a christian with a Jewish heritage we try to teach our children and grandchildren the realities of life. How to be overcomers in adversity and that they are also responsible for how they treat other people. ( knowing that we and they will fail from time to time)…. The second part of the Golden Rule is ” Love thy neighbor as thyself….. But then if God is dead…… we have Sarah Champion …..and the government and RMBC and ‘experts’ … and ..and
    Yes it’s true that some people find different folk an amusement for a second or two,…. but then there’s the mortgage and the mother in law and the boss etc etc.


  2. Dear Ms Champion. I have a confession to make.
    Caitlyn Jenner’s massive red toe nails hanging over the end of her size 12 stilleto sandals has been ( and still is ) a source of amusement to me…Tripping on concrete would be hell for Caitlyn and I would be guilty of having have to stifle a laugh.
    Please help…..I am not sure whether I am a xenophobe, homophobe, mysogynist, racist or some other phobe I never heard of ….and …..would that be considered a criminal offence on my part.


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