Doubts over devolution deal as borough cautious on next step

FRESH doubts surround the future of a deal to give South Yorkshire more control over its own affairs after a major intervention by Doncaster’s elected mayor.

Ros Jones is expected to oppose any move to push ahead with a consultation on a revised plan covering the four South Yorkshire authorities following the withdrawal of Chesterfield and Bassetlaw last month.

Failing to take that step would put the prospect of an election of a metro-mayor for the area in May 2018 in doubt.

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3 thoughts on “Doubts over devolution deal as borough cautious on next step

  1. Now there’s a novelty – 2 Senior Councillors (Doncaster & Barnsley) actually talking sense ! Is it likely the, so called, Leader of RMBC would dare to make such a statement ?? I don’t think so !


  2. I understand the rationale behind a combined S.Yorks. Authority but unless and until there is 100% commitment from every local authority this proposal is dead in the water.
    Questions about devolution for South Yorkshire include: Why would Chesterfield and Bassetlaw (In Derbys.) give up local autonomy and hand control of their budgets-with or without consultation-to Sheffield? I’ve heard the excuses that the combined authority would be one big family but in reality it won’t be, does anyone honestly think Sheffield, as lead authority, will prioritise the needs of Derbyshire above it’s own agenda?
    This proposal has not been thought through properly IMV and the idea that central government will impose this on us is a recipe for disaster.


    • Osborne offered them a bribe and they jumped in where fools…..

      Dunt think Teresa will bother getting involved in this shambles with her current woes of strong and stable leadership….Not.

      Enuf on her plate to face


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