Radio station off-air after “unwittingly” airing lectures by “terrorist”

A RADIO station broadcasting to Rotherham has had its licence suspended by Ofcom for airing lectures by a “global terrorist”.

Sheffield-based Iman FM, which is aimed at Muslim listeners, played 25 hours of content by the late Anwar al-Awlaki, who was linked to al-Qaeda by the UN Security Council in 2011.

In one such lecture, al-Awlaki urged listeners: “Prepare whatever strength you have for jihad.”

Ofcom suspended the radio station after complaints about two lectures that were broadcast.

Read on…,radio-station-offair-after-unwittingly-airing-lectures-by-terrorist_23185.htm

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2 Responses to Radio station off-air after “unwittingly” airing lectures by “terrorist”

  1. poetmorgan says:

    I do not believe z word of it. Hope they are barred from holding a license as persons unfit so to do on grounds o propagating hatred. What they Did is CRIMINAL.

  2. poetmorgan says:

    Ofcom today announced they have revoked the licence.
    I expe t this may not be the end of this criminal all affair.

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