Jane Collins bids for UKIP’s leadership

I first became interested in UKIP in 1998 and joined in 2004 and this is the only political party I have been a member of. Having watched what has happened to my party over the last few months I have decided to stand for leadership.

The infighting and carpet-bagging going on within UKIP is quite frankly very disappointing. I have seen UKIP in this position before in the 90’s when I worked with Godfrey Bloom and through Godfrey’s hard work and dedication throughout the region we built Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire into one of UKIP’s most strongest region’s with some great election results.

At present we are still not out of the water with Brexit and UKIP must survive, thrive and succeed in delivering what the British public voted for delivering.

Brexit is the start of the process and the next stage of the game for UKIP.

We now, barring by-elections/ snap elections, have until 2022 to re-build UKIP starting with grass roots campaigning in the local election from Parish, Town and County level. To do this we need direct democracy involving all members which in the past have been isolated from the decision making process of the party.  We need to engage with the financial supporters and prominent figures both past and present.

Alongside this we need a professional team at the top with a business background to move the party forward. I want no personal agendas or Westminster bubbles, just true UKIP.

On a personal level I have successfully fought Parish, Local, General and European elections. I know how to campaign and win.  Alongside this I was Regional Constituency Manager of Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and we were the top region in the European elections, leading to us having 3 MEP’s elected.

Over the last few years, since becoming an MEP, I have been subjected to legal action by three Rotherham MP’s which unfortunately put severe constraints on my party activities. My personal life has been badly affected and the Party and my Constituents who I have felt I had to speak up for have been let down by all statutory bodies in Rotherham. The case is still in the process with the European Court of Justice and police investigations are on-going.

Nobody can ever replace our Nigel. He delivered Brexit and I want to protect it.

I can only do this with the grass roots support.

I want to be a leader with a big L and a little l, I will Listen and take the membership along with me, it’s your party!

I will lead, listen and learn.

Jane Collins

2 thoughts on “Jane Collins bids for UKIP’s leadership

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