We had lost our way: South Yorkshire Police chief’s vision for a transformed force

It was a year ago this month that Stephen Watson started work in his new job, after making the 115-mile journey from high-performing Durham Police to what was arguably the country’s most ill-starred constabulary.

At that point he was South Yorkshire’s fourth Chief Constable in little over three months, facing a bulging in-tray and a force staggering under the weight of a succession of scandals, to such an extent that some questioned whether it should continue to exist.

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Yorkshire police return hundreds of officers to the beat after losing touch with neighbourhood needs

Hundreds of police officers are being put back onto the beat in Yorkshire after bosses admitted that neglecting neighbourhood policing had left them out of touch with what was going on in their communities.

The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire has revealed to The Yorkshire Post that between 300 and 500 officers will be moved from response teams into locally-based roles focused on problem-solving and engaging with residents.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/yorkshire-police-return-hundreds-of-officers-to-the-beat-after-losing-touch-with-neighbourhood-needs-1-8650997

Yorkshire police return hundreds of officers to the beat after losing touch with neighbourhood needs

Stephen Watson, who took on the job last July, said his predecessors had “taken their eye off the ball” and allowed demand on officers to grow after becoming “too reactive” in the aftermath of the recent series of scandals that rocked the force.

He said this, combined with the effects of austerity cuts, meant that the force’s local presence had been reduced to being largely reliant on Police Community Support Officers, who do not have the power of arrest, with resources concentrated into centralised teams.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/yorkshire-police-return-hundreds-of-officers-to-the-beat-after-losing-touch-with-neighbourhood-needs-1-8650997



7 thoughts on “We had lost our way: South Yorkshire Police chief’s vision for a transformed force

  1. Comrade Watson needs to come and have a chat with me and I’ll explain the basic function of a law enforcement organisation…and at that point he might be able to say where we are on the ladder in terms fixing this police service.

    At the minute grooming IS going on and South Yorkshire Police ARE ignoring it in much the same way as they did before. However, nobody is listening which is fine but it’ll erupt again and I’ll be able to say exactly the same thing as I did last time.


  2. Listened to CC Watson on BBC Radio Sheffield, the Toby Foster phone-in.

    A more buzz word heavy load of corporate speak you could ever wish to hear, no straight answers, full of platitudes and patronising missing the point rubbish answers, I gave up the will to live and wished we had a real policeman in charge of SYP.

    Watson is marking time until he can draw down his gold plated pension knowing full well that he can blame the old team for not making one single positive step forward.

    Watson wouldn’t recognise a criminal if he fell over one, so no hope of him tackling grooming gangs

    Lets see if has the bottle to close down Iman FM.


  3. For all the the rhetoric, the end result remains as no change. Unless and until the institutional, cultural and systemic faults within SYP are eradicated it will continue to be dysfunctional and not fit for purpose. The same applies to the police and crime commission. The heads of these crime hydra are incapable of managing their own affairs and outside intervention is indicated.


  4. My comment regarding that CC Watson wouldn’t recognise a criminal if he fell over one was made not fully appreciating that the statement was close to home.
    Iman FM a community based radio station that broadcast 25 hours of sermons from al-Awlaki a UN proscribed terrorist, operates from a studio minutes from the HQ of SYP.
    Regulator Ofcom said that parts of al-Awlaki’s lectures amounted to a ‘direct call to action to members of the Muslim community to prepare for and carry out violent action against non-Muslims.
    You couldn’t make it up.


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