Ministers order takeover of Muslim school after it is branded unsafe

The government has ordered the takeover of one of England’s first state-funded Muslim secondary schools, an institution where a child died and offensive books were found in the library.

The books stated that a husband can beat his wife and insist on having sex with her. They were found in the library of the Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, which became state-funded in 2001.

Amanda Spielman, chief inspector at Ofsted, the schools regulator, said Al-Hijrah would be taken over by an independent academy trust on the orders of the Department for Education.

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School segregation ‘a kind of apartheid’, Appeal Court hears

Segregating boys and girls in a mixed-sex Muslim state school amounts to “a kind of apartheid”, the Court of Appeal heard on Tuesday. In the first case of its kind, Ofsted is challenging a High Court ruling clearing Al-Hijrah school … Continue reading


10 thoughts on “Ministers order takeover of Muslim school after it is branded unsafe

  1. This is a worthy cause for Ms Champion to get her teeth into. I wonder if she will give the same priority to this as she does transgender equality… I will be watching and waiting with interest ………..


  2. After Ms Champion’s police caution, a friend of her ex-husband said of her: “In retrospect, Graham was stupid to have married Sarah. She was an attractive, vivacious woman but also very harassing and abusive during their marriage. He became terrified of her.” With such a personality and hands on experience of the issue, there’s no wonder comrade Corbyn thought she would be well suited for the job of shadow Minister for Domestic Abuse.


  3. Ms Champion to get her teeth into this example of an unacceptable attitude to women?
    Not on your life, Ms Champion will not raise her head above the parapet on this issue, to many votes to be lost.
    I may be wrong and she makes a statement condemning the material and asks RMBC to ensure that the same type of material is not available in Madrasa`s in Rotherham.
    Come on Ms Champion, stand up for women in Rotherham.


  4. Simple answer – no State Funded Muslim only schools or Madrassas in the UK. The liberal lefties are always harping on about integration. Children will integrate far more readily if they attend “normal” schools where there is no segregation of genders and one set of approved text books available !Ms Champion may not be happy, nor the parents, but I guess the kids would.


    • Isn’t just Sarah Champion who has constituency interests here, both Kevin Barron and John Healey have interests too. A joint statement from them all, may be the best approach going forwards?
      Prevention of integration, is what is going on in this case, it must be challenged by us all.


    • Would be nice Xinsider if cutting off funding would force integration. Saudi Arabia have more money than us and have no problem at all funding their own programs to preserve and prosper all various Islamic ideologies in the West.
      As an immigrant myself, before I was given the right to be a permanent resident in a Commonwealth country I had to tick various boxes. They were clear indicators of what was expected of me for the privilege of living here….The NZ government or it’s people had no intention of allowing Pommies to reside in NZ and break the law… Whinging Poms were dealt with quickly by everyday folk who had the right to tell us where to go if we loved the privileges but hated the rules. It worked wonderfully. There were ships returning to UK to facilitate dissidents and whingers. Unfortunately in our modern day such an attitude would be branded as Pommiephobia. and therefore illegal.
      Britain is in a more complicated situation… It has now become enslaved in it’s own unworkable laws. Seperation of males and females is historically entrenched in Islam. What the hell did Britain expect….It has branded itself Islamaphobic by it’s own laws.
      There is no need for the government to try to force change by our State version of education …. Hollywood and the Internet will do do the job for Moslems a it has…unfortunately…. for us.
      Didn’t they realise that…….


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