BREAKING: HS2 route to go via Sheffield city centre and Dearne Valley

Ministers have confirmed HS2 will feature a spur through Sheffield city centre, with the main line cutting through the Dearne.

The Government has announced its planned route today – with a spur leaving the main line just before Chesterfield, and then going through Sheffield city centrem before linking back with the main route further north.

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News: Government confirms HS2 route through Rotherham

The Government has confirmed the route of the HS2 line through South Yorkshire as the M18 route that was consulted upon last year – with a station in Sheffield city centre and a fast route to Leeds through the East of Rotherham.

Superseding a 2013 route to a station at Meadowhall, the 2016 option proposes that HS2 services between London and Sheffield would take a spur off the new north-south high speed line and travel directly to the existing Sheffield Midland station using the existing railway line. These trains will also call at Chesterfield.

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HS2 routes confirmed to Manchester and Leeds

The government’s preferred routes for the HS2 high speed railway north of Birmingham have been confirmed.

It said one main route would run east of Sheffield, with a separate spur to take passengers to the city centre.

As a result, 16 homes on the Shimmer housing estate in Mexborough are expected to be demolished, the Department for Transport (DfT) said.

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Anger after Government picks controversial HS2 South Yorkshire route

PROTESTERS have been left devastated after a final decision on the HS2 rail line will send it through housing estates to the east of Rotherham and the heart of the Dearne Valley.

The so-called M18 route has been formally chosen by the Department for Transport (DfT) over the previously preferred option of a line via Meadowhall.

Now, residents in Aston, Bramley, Wales, Mexborough and areas north in the Dearne Valley are set to see their homes demolished despite an angry campaign by residents, MPs and councils.

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HS2 route: Mexborough residents ‘deserted’ by demolition plan

Residents of a new housing estate set to be partly bulldozed for HS2 say they feel “deserted” after the move was confirmed.

Homes on the Shimmer estate in Mexborough, South Yorkshire will be cleared to make way for the high-speed rail line.

No new stations have been announced for the area, with a spur serving Sheffield using existing track.

The government said HS2 will create a “stronger and fairer” Britain.

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HS2 route to destroy new homes in Yorkshire

Newly built homes in Yorkshire will be demolished by the HS2 rail line, the government has confirmed.

The line’s eastern route, to Leeds from Birmingham, will run east of Sheffield, with some trains going into the city via a new spur and existing lines.

But 16 of 216 homes on a housing estate in Mexborough will be demolished.

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Full story: The Battle Over HS2

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: HS2 route to go via Sheffield city centre and Dearne Valley

  1. So Sheffield is given a slow loop off the HST, you have to hand it to the big hitters who lobbied for this slow lane option.

    It goes to show that common sense is not that common in the giddy heights of Sheffield Council

    Doubles all round!


  2. Fantastic work Sheffield City Council! Because of SCCs lobbying South Yorkshire does not get a HS2 train station. You couldn’t make it up. Disgusted that South Yorkshire misses out in this way.


  3. Agree with the above. Much lobbying by Sheffield has seen this area miss out on an HS2 station. Bear this in mind when the consultation comes around for the devolution deal which will put Rotherham’s transport requirements in the hands of Sheffield City Region. What could possibly go wrong?


  4. Centralisation will occur. It does wherever smaller urban areas get attached to larger ones.
    The whole regionalization nonsense is deeply flawed and always was.
    More top down pretending to be what it is not.


  5. I believe the money spent of the HS2 would be better spent on rebalancing the economy back to manufacturing. If we have to have the HS2 solution, linking it to the supertram from Meadowhall would have been the best option. Why we ever got rid of the sheffield city airport is beyond me.


  6. Once again the people of Rotherham betrayed and let down by Labour locally and MP level. They stood in Bramley and said they opposed HS2. Lies and damn lies, they always supported it even though there is no sensible argument for it and, now the costs are set to double there is even less of argument to support this white elephant. But local councillors do not have a mind or voice of their own they are told how to vote.


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