Landlords predict rent rises as council proposes licensing

NEW plans to introduce a licensing scheme for rental houses and flats could send rents and eviction numbers rising in two Dearne Valley villages, landlords have claimed.

Barnsley Council is set to follow Rotherham’s lead by introducing a Selective Licensing Scheme in four areas.

Goldthorpe and Wombwell are on the list, as are Elsecar and Measbrough Dyke.

Read on…,landlords-predict-rent-rises-as-council-proposes-licensing_23216.htm


3 thoughts on “Landlords predict rent rises as council proposes licensing

  1. good luck to them . Eastwood had the scheme for 2 1/2 years and the problems still goes on . a full shake up of the community protection unit is needed .


  2. The “landlord`s scheme” should read “scam”. This is just another back door tax voted through by the Labour Party, yes you remember them, the party that protects the poor. The license fee of £500 is just passed on to the occupier, through rent increases. Most of those in rented property are the poorer end of society. So the tax is forced to be paid for by the poorest. So much for the Rotherham Labour party protecting the poor.
    Tax and spin, more Tax and spin.


  3. the scheme is not being run right , Rmbc are going for the easy targets first . could’t organise a p… up in a brewery comes to mind .


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