South Yorkshire Police bring in ‘civilian investigators’ to deal with vulnerable victims

A Yorkshire police force is to employ 18 ‘civilian investigators’ trained to work with vulnerable victims of abuse as part of a pioneering partnership with a university in the region.

South Yorkshire Police, which was heavily criticised for turning a blind eye to the victims of the Rotherham grooming scandal, is teaming up with the University of Sheffield after receiving extra government funding for a pilot scheme.

The university is currently running the post-graduate course of 18 students so they can reach the standards of accredited detectives in interviewing vulnerable victims and witnesses.

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6 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police bring in ‘civilian investigators’ to deal with vulnerable victims

  1. There will be no change. To this day, instances of child abuses are being covered up by South Yorkshire Police, and coordinated from a senior level. Children and vulnerable people will continue to be abused, and the abusers, as is ongoing, will carry on, confident that they will never be prosecuted. As for drafting in 18 civilians, this appears to be masquerading as progress. However, unless and until South Yorkshire Police remove the gatekeepers and those ‘turning a blind eye’, nothing will change.


  2. Civilian investigators are coming to be used with alarming regularity in cases involving children. Their use often coincides with a serious drop in standards of police investigative work and a collapse in liaising with the local authority to ensure the best interests of the child remain paramount. Not only does this inevitably cause the child harm, but dramatically increases the chances of a miscarriage of justice or of a correct prosecution failing.


  3. Dear South Yorkshire Chief Constable Steven Watson….
    I have a question in response to your comment …” I think we have undoubtably turned a corner. We are much better than we have been. I think we are as good as anywhere in the country. And there are some things we are doing with vulnerable victims where our people have just performed brilliantly”

    How are these new ‘ brilliant ‘ recruits going to assist the 700 plus vulnerable young abused children who have already been deemed by the Government unworthy of compensation due to the fact they were possibly complicit even though their vile abusers are already in prison.
    We used to call that ” adding insult to injury”
    Or….. is this just another example of where those in authority routinely cock-up, and always find enough money to employ and handsomely pay some other University educated expert to fix the unfixable…
    I suppose Chief Constable Watson can now confirm the police are….. moving on…..

    The proposition has already failed before they release the start gate.


  4. Cannot the ‘powers that be’ and the University trained students engaged with this whole tragic event not have the brains to already know the response of telling some violated and broken young person ” Sorry, there is no compensation for you in the event you were complicit , but… I am here to help you recover from this nightmare….
    Would you not agree that possibly three responses will apply.?
    Some young folk will tell them all to f…k off
    Some will never be able trust another human being again. (who could blame them)
    And some will see only one final and tragic escape…

    I do believe in miracles but don’t presume many victims will experience one at the hands of the ‘experts’


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