Council aim to make borough “child friendly”

A SURVEY for young people has been launched as council bosses aim to make the borough “child friendly.”

A wishlist of aims will be created using the answers given to the project, inspired by a Unicef campaign.

Cllr Alan Atkin, lead member for Child Friendly Rotherham, said: “Without sounding like a cliché, it is the next generation which will ensure this town is a future success.

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10 thoughts on “Council aim to make borough “child friendly”

  1. Without wishing to sound in any way cynical , isn’t this a classic example of “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” ?? Why weren’t the Council thinking about the futures of the children of Rotherham when they were being abused, raped and trafficked under their noses (or turned blind PC eyes) ??


  2. ‘A wishlist of aims will be created……’
    Where is the positivity? No concrete proposals set out and no mention of what action is being taken to protect young people in the future from serial predatory perverts.
    Is this another example of how RMBC is ‘going forward’?


    • I remember seeing a newly elected Chris Reed during his maiden speech on the RMBC webcast. With the foolish over confidence of youth he stated that ‘ old methods’ of dealing with the CSE were ineffective. A new and innovative approach was needed . He seemed to know what the new and innovative approach was. Backed of course by the man with a spring in his seat Gordon Watson and the rest of the head nodders.
      I prefer the old ways…. Sincere acknowledgement of failure and an honest ” I am sorry ; what can I do to try and help you now” goes a long way to bring healing to those we have been wronged and let down by those who should have helped.
      The new and innovative way Councilor Reed and I am afraid many other over confident p…ks like him goes something like this. ” It’s time to move-on” or “Get a life” or “get over it”
      or “we are doing much better now”….
      I prefer the old way. ( I am sorry )….. I can confidently assure them they wouldn’t choke on it if they tried …..


  3. Councillor Alan Atkins lead member of Child Friendly Roterham….
    The same Alan Atkin who treats his fellow councilors to a night of porn in celebration of his appointment to council.
    I try to be tolerant and curb my language but honestly……. All the mothers in Rotherham will be gobsmacked and speechless except to say…. ” Alan Atkin, head of Child Friendly Rotherham….WTF !


  4. I sometimes find watching RMBC council meetings a source of entertainment.
    Peter Thirlwall has the tenacity of my Jack Russell in calling Commissioner Myers to account. I feel Sir Derek’s retreat to London has more to do with the sight of Peter Thirlwall than a job well done.
    Keep it up Pete… There’s plenty more fodder in the seats of the Town Hall……


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