Government ‘denying sexually abused children compensation’

Government ‘denying sexually abused children compensation’

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority refused payments to almost 700 children on grounds they gave consent, say charities

Sexually abused children as young as 12 are being denied compensation by a government agency on the grounds that they gave consent, according to a coalition of charities.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) has refused payments to almost 700 child victims even if their attackers have been jailed, freedom of information requests have revealed.

Five charities – Barnardo’s, Victim Support, Liberty, Rape Crisis and the National Working Group (NWG) – have written to the justice secretary, David Lidington, demanding he reviews CICA guidelines.

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7 Responses to Government ‘denying sexually abused children compensation’

  1. Loudmouth says:

    Wondering, all those children which Rotherham council, gladly took into there care homes, from other parts of UK, fully knowing there where at risk for the homegrown rapist(Pakistani Muslims) community. Will they not be entitled to compensation, through Duty of Care or lack of it from Rotherham Council?

  2. Xinsider says:

    They use the term “Criminal” in their title but do not understand that these victims cannot give consent to have sex, BY LAW, under the age of 16 yrs ! The CICA has been slipping badly on it’s standards for the past few years and needs an urgent review before ludicrous decisions such as this become commonplace !

  3. Linda Wheeler says:

    How devilishly clever of the government on this appalling decision. They have just labeled the abused children GUILTY by consent…. No justice at all …. They may as well open the prison doors and let out the perpetrators and pay them for wrongful imprisonment…. Beneath contempt….

  4. poetmorgan says:

    So they followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole to blunder land where you can give consent below the age of consent.
    “Curioser and curioser” said Alice.

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