Government set to return five more powers to Rotherham Council

COMMUNITIES secretary Sajid Javid has announced plans to return a further five powers to Rotherham Borough Council.

It will mean that the only areas still under commissioner control are children’s services, special allowances and hiring and firing statutory officers.

The powers to be returned are:

  • performance management
  • waste collection
  • community safety, including community cohesion and domestic violence
  • human resources
  • asset management, including both land and property assets

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Secretary of State plans return of more powers to Rotherham

Rotherham Council has welcomed the proposed return of more powers by the Government, a move which would bring all functions aside from children’s social care back under Council democratic control.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed he is minded to return powers for five of the last six services which currently sit with Commissioners: community safety; waste management; performance management; asset management; and HR.

Decision-making powers for children’s services will remain with the Government-appointed Commissioners while improvements continue, and they will still have oversight of all services which have already returned.

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Rotherham Council gets back more powers

MORE powers are set to be returned to Rotherham councillors as the authority continues to make improvements.

Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid has proposed powers including waste collection and community safety be given back to elected councillors.

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2 thoughts on “Government set to return five more powers to Rotherham Council

  1. Community Cohesion powers restored ?? Does this mean a return to turning a blind eye to such matters as CSE and electoral fraud in immigrant communities ?


  2. “Performance management”, my Ar*e, just look at this weeks Advertiser, the RMBC council have utterly failed on the budget finance. Over spend in children`s services, over spend in the housing project, overspend on the tram, and so on. As I said “performance management my ar*e”. Me thinks the Commissioners are trying to do a runner before people crack on that things have not changed at all.


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