MPs to press for M18 station to serve HS2 line

SOUTH YORKSHIRE MPs will press the Government to commit to delivering an extra HS2 station in the area after ministers confirmed the route of the rail line.

The idea of a parkway station to allow passengers to join services as the line runs close to the M18 was floated last year but the Government has yet to promise it will be delivered.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling confirmed on Monday the revised plan for the HS2 line which will see it run between Rotherham and Doncaster as it heads North to Leeds.

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Full story: The Battle Over HS2

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One Response to MPs to press for M18 station to serve HS2 line

  1. S Thornton says:

    Smoke and mirrors. Despite the “bleating” about the route going through Bramley etc, they had no influence then to get the route changed. Why should we think they have any influence now, on what is probably the final route.
    Don`t believe a word. They are posturing, because they are anticipating an Election.
    smoke and mirrors

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