Labour’s Sarah Champion says writing off student debt impossible

Labour’s Sarah Champion says writing off student debt impossible


10 thoughts on “Labour’s Sarah Champion says writing off student debt impossible

  1. Quelle surprise!

    The NME interview with JC was aimed at turning out the under 25 vote, it worked, weeks later if the MP for Rotherham is to believed will never happen, the aspiration (I think that’s what politicians call promises they can’t keep) was no more than a rouse to stir up the student vote.

    Goes to show just how low JC will stoop.


  2. Labour should beware of making false promises to the young. If you have any doubts about that just ask Nick Clegg.

    But is an indication of just low JC is prepared to go to keep his job.


  3. A factor in the downfall of the Liberal Democrats was the broken tuition fee pledge by Nick Clegg,the U-turn in 2010 undermined the credibility of the party with its core vote, much of it from a young student demographic.

    Labour need to be clear, either they are committed to addressing tuition fees or they are like the Rotherham MP and consider it impossible.

    The interview by Sarah Champion is probably now a CCHQ Facebook/Twitter attack add, well done the MP for Rotherham.


  4. Thousands of young people came out to vote on the very clear understanding that if Jezza was elected he would scrap tuition fees. Young people are not stupid, they wont be taken in twice when they go to vote.
    oh dear, another own goal, another situation where Saint Sarah has a different view from the leader. Will she resign again,
    He can not trust her,
    we can not trust him
    who trusts Labour


  5. Kensington Council screws up big time, this proves all conservatives are evil.
    Labour Councils screw up big time and lie about fees and, well they were all innocent little mistakes!
    What utter hypocrisy.
    Shouting, finger pointing lefties replies awaited…..


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