Oxford grooming arrest man loses anonymity case

A man arrested but never charged in connection with an investigation into child sexual grooming has lost a legal battle to keep his identity secret.

Tariq Khuja attempted to use privacy laws to stop press and media reports after he was named at the high profile 2013 trial of nine men from Oxford.

The Supreme Court stressed Mr Khuja was an innocent man but ruled he had no “reasonable expectation of privacy” under human rights legislation.

The judges lifted an anonymity order.

Seven men were convicted and jailed at the Old Bailey in May 2013 for serious sexual offences in connection with what became known as the “Oxford grooming case”.

The Supreme Court ruling, by a 5-2 majority, stemmed from an attempt by the Times and the Oxford Mail newspapers to name Mr Khuja.

BBC legal correspondent Clive Coleman described the court’s decision as significant, saying it reaffirmed the powerful principle of open justice.

The case examined the rights of the press and public under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights to freedom of expression and the rights of Mr Khuja and his family under Article 8.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40654217

Times wins right to identify millionaire named in child-sex trial

By Andrew Norfolk

The identity of a multi-millionaire property developer who was arrested during a police inquiry into a brutal child-sex ring can be revealed today after The Times won a four-year battle to lift his court-imposed anonymity.

Tariq Khuja spent 16 months on bail during an investigation that led to a trial at the Old Bailey, at which seven men from Oxford were convicted of multiple offences against girls aged from 12 to 15. Five were jailed for life.

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow The Times to identify the businessman, 40, who was not a defendant at the trial but was named in evidence, marks a significant victory for the freedom of the press to report criminal trials.

Until today, gagging orders blocked this newspaper from revealing that Mr Khuja, who owned hundreds of properties in Oxford, was arrested in March 2012 as a suspect in the Operation Bullfinch sex-grooming inquiry. He was detained on suspicion of rape, people trafficking, causing child prostitution and related conspiracy offences.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/times-wins-right-to-name-multi-millionaire-named-in-child-sex-trial-3vhg630q6

Oxford Mail wins five-year legal battle to identify millionaire businessman named in child-sex trial

A CHILD sex offences suspect who battled a five-year campaign through the courts to keep his identity a secret can finally be named, top judges have ruled today.

Oxford landlord Tariq Khuja launched his fight for anonymity after he was arrested by detectives investigating a paedophile sex ring in the city in 2012.

He was named by a witness in a grooming trial the following year but has always vehemently denied any involvement in exploiting children and was later released without charge.

Read on… http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/15420386.Oxford_Mail_wins_five_year_legal_battle_to_identify_millionaire_businessman_named_in_child_sex_trial/

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4 thoughts on “Oxford grooming arrest man loses anonymity case

  1. This is an important case, fought valiantly by Andrew Norfolk and the Times, with the support of the Oxford Mail.
    This long established right, has been tested to destruction and adjudged to be correct.
    This re-affirmation from the Supreme Court now establishes precedent.
    A Huge well done, to all those involved and thanks!


    • “that Mr Khuja, who owned hundreds of properties in Oxford”
      So how do you get to have accumulated such a property empire before you are 40? Clearly he’s a role model of prudence, thrift, diligence; a young man who demonstrated an admirable ability to employ modest starting capital to speculate to accumulate in spectacular fashion. Most satisfying indeed.
      And not just that, truly he’s a social entrepreneur, struggling manfully to address the ever worsening crisis of homeless in this country
      Some of malevolent intent have accused such virtuous capitalists of his background of laundering the proceeds of industrial CSE and drug dealing through front businesses such as restaurants, take-aways, taxi firms; and indeed property acquisition.
      These monstrous lies will not go unchallenged, and the sorry position of the Rotherham bankrupts should act as a stark and sombre warning here.
      Finally I am appalled that Mr Khulja has had his good name and spotless reputation dragged through the courts and the Murdoch press in this shameful way, simply appalled.


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