Draft EIA SMR and EQIA SMR consultation, July 2017 – Bramley Parish Council response

Dear Sir

I am in receipt of a wrongly addressed letter, referring to the above ‘consultation’.

I eventually found the EIA SMR document of 332 pages and the EQIA SMR document of 61 pages on the hs2 website, for which notably and predictably no such helpful links were provided in your letter, and would make the following observations:

1) the voluminous documents are clearly a procedural exercise i.e. simply going through the motions.

2) in all previous ‘consultations’ with your outfit, no consideration has ever been ascribed to the views of the Parish Council or the residents of the parish.

3) the Parish Council does not have the resources to appraise the contents of these documents.

4) were the Parish Council to accord any time to addressing the contents of these documents, it would be considered a waste of time and residents’ precept payments.

5) irrespective of any meaningful results of the above exercise, hs2 will simply ignore them and continue to impose its intentions.

Yours etc.

Robert Foulds

Clerk to Bramley Parish Council

cc Chair and Vice Chair

The response from Bramley Parish Council Chairman:


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