Police and crime commissioners, your time is up

The role of police and crime commissioner is a discredited experiment and should be abolished. Research conducted before the most recent elections for PCCs, as they’re known, found that fewer than one in ten people knew who their local one was. This despite the fact that they control a policing budget of £12.5 billion and have the final say in appointing chief constables.

So, five years into an experiment that was meant to spearhead a revival of local democracy and police accountability, it is clearly far from a success. The warning signs were there from the beginning: turnout for the first round of voting in 2012 was only 15 per cent — the lowest figure ever recorded for a national election. One polling station in Newport, Gwent, registered no voters at all.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/comment/police-and-crime-commissioners-your-time-is-up-7258bkqxm


2 thoughts on “Police and crime commissioners, your time is up

  1. The PCCs effectively put chief constables under the direct control of political parties. Worse still, there is apparently no disciplinary body for the PCCs themselves. As we saw with Billings recently, they can act unlawfully under the influence of MPs from their political party and nothing can be done to hold them to account.


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