Support needed for public vaping, says MP Sir Kevin

MORE needs to be done to support vaping — potentially including in public places, according to Sir Kevin Barron.

The Rother Valley MP, who chairs the all-parliamentary health group, was a strong supporter of the 2007 smoking ban and has since backed e-cigs as a safer alternative.

He urged the Government to speed up the publication of the new tobacco control plan during a House of Commons debate last week (28).

Read on…,support-needed-for-public-vaping-says-mp-sir-kevin_23292.htm


4 thoughts on “Support needed for public vaping, says MP Sir Kevin

  1. This man is clearly peddling vaping out of self interest………… er um. Wonder what that is?

    Vaping is as vile as smoking and the ‘reach’ of exhaled vapour is unbelievable.

    Why should Kevin Barron promote that I (or any one else) is happy with inhaling other people’s exhaled vapour?

    It is as disgusting as smoking and the days when this is foisted upon us (as was cigarette smoking) in retaurants, offices and public spaces must never be allowed to happen.


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