I won’t just empty our Orgreave archive onto the street, says South Yorkshire Police chief

South Yorkshire’s Chief Constable has said his force will control the way its archives on the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike are released to the public because he does not want to “just empty stuff onto the street and let people pick at it”.

The force has employed a professional archivist to catalogue its material relating to the strike, including the notorious 1984 Battle of Orgreave, which has only rarely been seen and never been made public.

Campaigners, who last year were frustrated by the Home Secretary’s refusal to hold a public inquiry into the events at Orgreave, have been calling for all available files to be brought into the public domain.

Stephen Watson, who became Chief Constable last July, said the issue had been “of real concern to people locally”, but suggested there was “a fatigue in the public” about the cost of a further inquiry amid years of funding cuts to the police service.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/i-won-t-just-empty-our-orgreave-archive-onto-the-street-says-south-yorkshire-police-chief-1-8663274



4 thoughts on “I won’t just empty our Orgreave archive onto the street, says South Yorkshire Police chief

  1. There is no “fatigue” from the public about wanting to know what really happened at Orgreave. There were clearly criminal actions on behalf of the Police otherwise the Court case against the miners would never have been dropped ! The Tory Government though may feel “fatigued” as the documents will clearly show Thatcher micromanaging the Police response to the strikers by her daily late evening telephone calls with the, then, higher management of SYP, including the Chief Constable at the time ! SYP have made a science of lying, or being economical with the truth in the past. These documents should be made public at the earliest opportunity before Billings. the “spent force” PCC, orders their destruction !!


  2. A typical sound bite from the Theresa May of Chief Constables Stephen Watson.

    There is no public fatigue and heavens only knows where CC Watson found that little gem of a phrase, no doubt PCC Billings fell for it.

    A full public disclosure of all the documents and nothing less.


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