South Yorkshire school put in special measures gets new sponsor

A new sponsor has been chosen for Wath Comprehensive School following it being put into special measures earlier this year.

The school went into special measures following an Inadequate Ofsted rating In June. Under statutory rules from the Department for Education (DfE), any local authority maintained school automatically has to become an academy following an Inadequate Ofsted rating.

The Regional Schools’ Commissioner has selected Maltby Learning Trust to sponsor the school as it goes through the process of becoming an academy in the next academic year.

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Last Ofsted inspection Report:

Wath Comprehensive School Governors:

Name Category Appointed Term of Office Expires Additional Responsibilities Committee Membership
Ms Julie Shaw Co-opted Governor 03 Nov 2015 12 Nov 2019
Mr Brian Tinnion
Co-opted Governor 11 Mar 2013 10 Mar 2017 Vice Chair of Governors Premises & Lettings (Chair)
Mrs Jane Brown
Co-opted Governor 11 Mar 2013 10 Mar 2017 Finance & General Purposes
Mrs Jane Jones
Co-opted Governor 01 Sept 2013 31 Aug 2017
Mrs Julia Bailey
Co-opted Governor 21 Oct 2015 20 Oct 2019 Finance & General Purposes (Chair)
Mr Tony Price
Co-opted Governor 21 Oct 2015 20 Oct 2019 Staff Pay & Conditions
Mrs Christine Bennington
Foundation Governor 01 Sept 2013 31 Aug 2017 Staff Pay & Conditions,

Premises & Lettings

Mr Sid Bailey
Foundation Governor 01 Sept 2013 31 Aug 2017 Staff Pay & Conditions
Mr Jon Taylor
Headteacher Finance & General Purposes

Staff Pay & Conditions

Premises & Lettings

Mrs Irene Hartley MBE
Local Authority Governor 13 Nov 2013 12 Nov 2019 Chair of Governors Finance & General Purposes

Staff Pay & Conditions (Chair)

Premises & Lettings

Mrs Sharon Boardman
Parent Governor 16 July 2015 15 July 2019 Staff Pay & Conditions
Mr David Jackson Parent Governor 04 April 2016 03 April 2020 Premises & Lettings
Mrs Jayne Dickson
Parent Governor 12 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2016 Safeguarding Finance & General Purposes
Mrs Tracy Losada
Parent Governor 04 Feb 2014 03 Feb 2018 Finance & General Purposes
Ms Melanie Holt
Parent Governor 14 Sept 2015 13 Sept 2019 Premises & Lettings
Mrs Jayne Ackerley Staff Governor 03 Nov 2015 02 Nov 2019
Mrs Stephanie Marson Parent Governor 02 Dec 2016 01 Dec 2020
Vacancy Parent Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Miss Kay Bishop Clerk to Governors

4 thoughts on “South Yorkshire school put in special measures gets new sponsor

  1. Irene Hartley (ex longstanding PA of John Healy) has been Chair of Governors for decades. This will be the chop for her and her governors and not before time. Cruising along and not having a clue as to how ‘funding is spent or its impact’ according to the Ofsted report 2017. Also ‘at every level the school had an inflated opinion of how well it thought it was doing’. Shamefuly, the headteacher Jon Turner said ‘it was a shock’. Egghh?

    School self evalaution and performance management within its cycle of school improvement and statutory target setting should provide no surprises for the headteacher, governors and staff if carried out robustly. Clearly, this had all dropped over the cliff edge.

    In addition, the Local Authority should have had a clear picture of the progrees of the school within its own monitoring and opportunities for intervention.The Local Authority employs ex headteachers for the monitoring and support of its schools so just what had these been doing to pick up their pay packet?

    The usual claptrap from Ian Thomas.after all, it was the only secondary school left in local authority control. The truth seems that Thomas is more than happy to let schools fall into academy status by whatever means even if it means special measures as it gets another school out of his hair and put outside local authority control..

    As for spendthrift Thomas, he hasn’t got a clue; an ex finance man with a poor spending record and even less regarding the knowledge of schools and school improvement. Previous Ofsteds identify a rating of ‘Good’ in all aspects of provision but this years’s Ofsted identiied ‘Inadequate’ in all areas including Leadership and Management.

    It is shameful that the school has been alowed to fail its pupils and sixth form students as they only get one chance.


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