Political leaders to fight ‘betrayal of the North’ after Government announced plans to scale back funding

POLITICAL LEADERS in the North of England are pledging to fight for a fair deal on transport funding after the Government scaled back plans to invest in the region while backing billions more for the capital.

The decision has been described as a betrayal of the North, with Labour warning it would put efforts to tackle economic inequalities between the regions “at risk”. Campaigners have responded with a call to action, launching a petition demanding an “immediate” commitment to a Crossrail for the North and a further cash injection of £59bn.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling sparked anger this week by renewing his support for London’s £30bn Crossrail 2 scheme just days after a series of rail projects in Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire were axed or downgraded.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/political-leaders-to-fight-betrayal-of-the-north-after-government-announced-plans-to-scale-back-funding-1-8670171


One thought on “Political leaders to fight ‘betrayal of the North’ after Government announced plans to scale back funding

  1. That would be something new, local MP’s standing up for the region, we can expect more support from a waste paper basket. Anyone who watches PMQ’s regularly would ask where are they? Healey occasionally stood up at the end of the chamber for a quick get away, Champion sometimes sat down trying to look important but as much chance as a broken chair. But where oh where is Sir Kev, the rumour is due to his advancing years and increasing fragility he has actually forgotten where Westminster is, but it is after all only a rumour.
    So how are our three rarely presents going to stand up for the region, perhaps this is just another rumour.


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