Three-day court battle between Sheffield Council and tree campaigners begins

Three Sheffield tree campaigners are due in court today for the start of a three day fight against the city council. The authority hopes to get an injunction against the campaigners, who it says have been protesting unlawfully against felling across the city.

The council says protests within safety barriers put up around trees are putting people in danger and constitute trespass.

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Sheffield’s ‘tree three’ accuse council of being influenced by corporate sector in felling dispute

Sheffield City Council have been influenced by “corporate and business responsibilities” in felling thousands of healthy trees despite widespread protest, a court heard today.

The claims were made on the first day of a High Court hearing in which the local authority is seeking injunctions against three people.

The legal action comes over continued protests against tree felling as part of the council’s two BILLION pound Streets Ahead contract with Amey.

The council is seeking permanent injunctions against the defendants and ‘persons unknown’ at the trial, which is expected to last three days.

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Previously: Legal action against tree protesters is ‘last resort’, insists Sheffield Council


One thought on “Three-day court battle between Sheffield Council and tree campaigners begins

  1. Why does David Fosdick QC-and SCC- think there is any possible chance of success when the Police and CPS take the view that any prosecution of the tree protesters will fail?
    Article 11 ECHR also gives a legal right to protest and for Fosdick to say these particular peaceful protests are unlawful is plainly untrue.
    I’ll watch this one with interest.


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