Sheffield-based radio station Iman FM loses licence

A community radio station has had its licence revoked for broadcasting more than 25 hours of lectures by an alleged al-Qaeda leader.

Sheffield-based Iman FM’s licence had already been suspended by Ofcom for playing the lectures by radical American Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We take robust action when broadcasters break the rules.”

Iman FM previously told Ofcom it was not aware of Awlaki’s background.

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Sheffield radio station which ‘broadcast lectures by al-Qaeda leader’ is taken off air for good

A Sheffield community radio station will not be returning to the airwaves after Ofcom revoked it licence.

The media regulator said Iman FM was ‘unfit to hold a broadcasting licence’ after it the station played out more than 25 hours of lectures of alleged al-Qaeda leader, Anwar al Awlaki.

The station had been temporarily off-air since July 4 and the regulator found ‘extremely serious breaches of the Broadcasting Code.

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10 thoughts on “Sheffield-based radio station Iman FM loses licence

  1. Absolutely the right decision by Ofcom.

    For Iman FM to allow a proscribed individual to broadcast racial hate messages that encourages attacks on innocent members of the public was totally irresponsible and insensitive to the victims and families of the recent terrorist attacks both in London and Manchester.

    To those that signed the petition supporting Iman FM including a former Rotherham Labour Cllr, you should hang your heads in shame.

    Has anyone spotted any other well known Rotherham celebrities on the Iman FM petition?


    • Those who commented as well as signing:

      Shahid Shabbir
      Mohammed Shabbir
      Nasir Mir
      Mohammed Shafaqat
      Amaar Sajjad
      Raja Khan
      Shamilah Wahab
      Tan Rauf
      Zeeshan Tariq
      Yasser Hanif
      Murtaza Awan
      Aiysha Younis
      Asif Yaqub
      Bader Malik
      Mohammed Yasin
      Maroof Shaffie
      Yaqoob Mohammad irfan
      Shahd Salha
      Fazeel Khan
      Qassim Ishaq
      M Nadeem
      Jahangir Akhtar
      Hameed Rehman
      Derek Cheshire
      Tamseela Shahid
      Jawed Zaman
      Mothiur Rahman
      Aftab Ahmed
      Zackeria Sajawal
      Karen Mulcahey
      Muhammad Shiraz Ghafour
      Nighat Basharat
      Waqar Ahmed
      Razia Bhatti
      Shamim Rahman
      Fazal Hussain
      Khalil Sadiq
      Ehsan ULHAQ
      Ehsan Rasab
      Mariem Sabonah
      Aamir Shabbir
      Matti Aqeel
      Naima Pinchen
      Javid Ahmad
      George O’Neil
      Ayaz Rabbani
      Farida khald
      Thira Ramzan
      Mahmood Mahammed
      Niamatullah Khan
      Aslam Latif
      Sohail Sabir
      Karen Wilson
      Abdul Rasool
      Mehnaz Yusufi
      Jamshaid Shah
      Nazia Khan
      Ernie BOXALL
      Raja Tariq Mehmood
      Zlakha Ahmed
      Syed Iqbal Islam
      Waqas Amin
      Mohammed Adeab
      K Khan
      Rafaqat Hussain
      Aisha Shah
      Tanveer Siddique
      Shahida Mariam
      Amjad Hasan
      Pat Mushtaq
      Anees Qureshi
      Muhammed Shahidnazir Nazir Ahmed
      Kauser Taseen
      Uzma Khan
      Abida Nasreen
      Nabiel Din
      Natalia Imtiaz
      Ramit Imtiaz
      Amran Akhter
      Nicholas Farquaharson Griffin
      Ayeshq Rafiq
      Iffat Yasmin
      Mohammad Nazir
      Jane Sharpe
      Mohammed Latief

      This list can be viewed here:

      There are some interesting names to be sure?


      • “Imam (sic) is a great community resource. Please re instate those licence so they can once again serve the people of South yorkshire” From:
        So says a real community leader, it’s Jahangir, of course.
        What does Jahangir think of the outrageous broadcast that brought about it’s demise? We should be told?


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  3. An individual involved in a fight at the Minar Balti signs a petition supporting a radio station that broadcasts racially motivated rants inciting attacks on innocent members of the public, you just couldn’t make this up.


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