Anti-LGBT protesters fail to dampen Sheffield Pride spirits as hundreds turn out for event

Anti-LGBT protesters failed to dampen people’s spirits as hundreds of people turned out for Sheffield Pride.

One man was removed by police from Endcliffe Park for preaching at the event which prompted an angry reaction from attendees.

Hundreds held placards, draped rainbow flags and walked with banners up Ecclesall Road before the event got going.

But one man preaching outside of the park told event-goers they would be ‘sent to burn in hell if they didn’t repent their sins.

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34 Responses to Anti-LGBT protesters fail to dampen Sheffield Pride spirits as hundreds turn out for event

  1. pleasant says:

    It was good to see that the event went so well. The day will come when self-identity on any characteristic will no longer even be an issue.

  2. Linda Wheeler says:

    It’s strange how society changes in a generation or two. The liberal left are now ‘ The Establishment’ and conservatives are now the resistance……Never thought of myself as a societal rebel but …. I kind of like it……. People are very fickle ‘ pleasant’ so don’t hold your breath waiting for utopia…….

  3. 1st Time User says:

    what a load of shit……. heterosexuals don’t need a pride march ….I thought these people only ever wanted to be treat the same … I have nothing against them but why do they feel the need to let every one know their sexual preference why can’t they just live their lives ..I don’t feel the need to let every one know that I am heterosexual of which i am very proud ..maybe I should organise a hetro pride march …..wonder what would be said about that.

    • pleasant says:

      Perhaps society will progress to the point where respect and equality for all will mean that there will be no feeling for any need for a march, but that will not happen whilst ever people keep giving groups artificial labels and putting communities into arbitrary boxes.

      • Linda Wheeler says:

        Hi Pleasant…. Ordinary folk can tell the difference between a dignified march, exhibitionism and a freak show. Their vile treatment of a solitary young man preaching was a true reflection how vile some people can be. The question needs to be asked…”Why the hell are they so afraid of one mans legal constitutional right to free speech “…
        Please don’t assume too much from the good crowd attending. People always have and probably always will turn out for a freak show…..I suspect the LGBTQ folk would have been the butt of many a joke in the pub on Saturday night by the crowds who turned in ‘support’………..We all have to get real that people don’t usually appreciate ‘in ya face protests of any kind’

        • Disgusted says:

          You are the freak Ms wheeler. Your views are odious and vile.
          You are a throwback from a different era. Go back in ur box and vegetate.

        • Linda Wheeler says:

          You are right about one thing mr/ms ‘Disgusted’ . I am a throwback from a different era.
          A kinder one than the one you represent.
          Insults don’t =sound argument…. but….if it’s the best you can do………

        • Cliff Topp says:

          “one mans legal constitutional right to free speech” ? His right to free speech ends when he is spouting hatred…He was there to preach his particular brand of diarrhoea, and like all christians he cherry-picks those parts of his book that he wants whilst ignoring those that don’t fit in with his agenda… “Insults don’t =sound argument….” you say and go on to talk about a freak show..? I see no sound argument from you…

        • Linda Wheeler says:

          Cliff Top…. What was hateful about the young mans free speech….?
          What was not hateful about him being dragged off his box and being assaulted by a young woman…?

    • Cliff Topp says:

      After seeing footage on youtube I concede that he didn’t use hate speech directly,however, I stand by my statement about him spouting diarrhoea. He was there for one reason and that was provocation. Was here there today with his megaphone? Will he be there tomorrow? I’ll lay money down that says no. The way two people love each other is no one’s business but their own.

      • Linda Wheeler says:

        Correct Cliff Top… We agree…..Consenting adults is their own business.
        What we don’t agree on is LGBTQ or any other group demanding that I or anyone else think that any form of their public expressions of pride is persuasive…. In ya face demands for approval tend to work the opposite.

      • revsimcop says:

        Yet the report allows the comment that he was using hate speech to pass without correction. In fact the whole report is slanted in one direction: joyful, happy, vibrant, peace loving, progressives vs hate filled bigots. Typical of the bias media agenda that is leading us in one direction and one direction only. When a society has no alternative narrative it is in big trouble. The prevailing, all- conquering narrative is not the whole story, it is not the whole story by a long way. One photo shows him standing talking quite calmly while a marcher screams in his face – that picture is probably truer about what is really happening.

  4. poetmorgan says:

    There are two genders required for reproduction in mammalian species.
    This is biology.
    Social memes are less simplistic than this.
    However, you cannot choose your own genes, they are a given thanks to Mum and Dad. How you want to live your life is down to you subject to not seeking to harm others, known as the golden rule.
    It is all a palaver about nothing much at all!

  5. Albion says:

    Yet again a minority representing the fascist wing of the LGBTQ community verbally attack an individual exercising his democratic right to express an opinion.

    The woman abusing the man is a clear example of the fascist intolerance from sections of the gay community, if it doesn’t agree with their very narrow agenda then it is open season

    The freedoms gained by the LGBTQ community have been hard fought, however the bigoted stance taken by individuals to silence individuals whose faith does not condone their lifestyle does beg the question just how tolerant are the LGBTQ community?

    Time to live and let live.

  6. Robin Symonds says:

    In your “kinder” bygone era Linda, homosexuals were subjected to horrendous medical procedures to try to cure them. Thank goodness British society has moved on and we no longer view homosexuals as freaks. You clearly do, which is very sad.

    • Linda Wheeler says:

      The discussion Robin is LBGTQ ‘pride’ march…Not a discussion about homosexuality.
      Did you see the verbal and physical assault on a solitary young man exercising free speech by a very aggressive young woman.? Nothing prideful about that….I wonder what would have happened to him without intervention….
      Yes British society has ‘ moved’; we can agree on that. It’s where too, that you and I would disagree on.
      Since you raise the subject of barbaric treatment of homosexuals in the past,
      Please correct me if I am wrong, but being homosexual has never been a crime. Certain practices performed in public places were.
      The elephant in the room we all avoid speaking of Robin is that some sexual practices can be viewed as ????? whether or not practiced by homosexual, by -sexual, or heterosexual….
      LGBTQ folk and there supporters need to accept also that
      “A lady/gentleman persuaded against their wilI, is of the same persuasion still.”

      • Johari says:

        It was you that spouted intolerance and vile comments like freaks at sections of society. Not very pc or christian sister.

        Please dont defend yourself by criticising others.

        From past comments i can see you see the bad in most but dont often look in the mirror.

      • Johari says:

        It was you that spouted intolerance and vile comments like freaks at sections of society. Not very pc or christian sister.

        Please dont defend yourself by criticising others.

        From past comments i can see you see the bad in most but dont often look in the mirror.

        • Linda Wheeler says:

          You are right about one thing Johari… I am definately not PC….
          I take more notice of comments made by people who post under their real name…
          It has more of a ring of truth and conviction about it.

        • Bill says:

          Linda is bitter.
          prone to personal attacks and kicking the player not the ball.

      • Robin Symonds says:

        You asked to be corrected if you are wrong so I am correcting you. Homosexuality used to be punishable by death in the UK. Until the Sexual Offences Act 1967 homosexual acts IN PRIVATE were illegal. This was some ten years after the Wolfenden report, which recommended decriminalising homosexuality.

        Sadly, the rest of your post makes no sense to me.

        • Linda Wheeler says:

          Robin,….. some years ago I read the ‘Encyclopedia of British Executions in the 20th Century’
          Every 20th century hanging in Great Britain was documented in that book.
          I don’t remember any mention of anyone being executed for homosexual act either in public or private… Could you corroborate where homosexuals were executed in Britain in 20th century.
          I will check it out for myself and if wrong I will correct it …. If you don’t do it first.

        • reg reader says:

          The Buggery Act of 1533 made anal penetration – and certain other sexual acts – a capital offence and remained a capital offence until 1861.

  7. Linda Wheeler says:

    I’ve had a few bruises meself Bill blogging on this sight……

  8. poetmorgan says:

    Left philosopher, Slovoj Zizek, in his book “The courage of hopelessness” arguing from a Marxist point of view believes there is little to sex in politics. To him politics is at the social level and sex is personal.
    Whilst not a Marxist I found his argument seemed valid.
    There is no place for criminalising what ought be private between consenting adults. However there is no place for exposing children at too early an age to excess details. Those who wish so to do may be exposed to accusations of improper or even criminal behaviour.

  9. Albion says:

    Why do tax payer funded public sector organisations feel it necessary to participate in Pride events?

    Just look at the recent London Pride event, vehicles from the public sector adorned with rainbow graphics, police cars wrapped in the flag and officers wearing rainbow face paint.

    At a time of diminishing budgets, money that should be spent on their core activity like fighting crime, money is being spent parading up and down streets covered in rainbow face paint and badges.

    What justification do the head sheds have for this waste of tax payer money?

    The excuse they will trot out is that all the staff are there free of charge, in their own time and volunteers each and everyone of them.

    Nothing wrong with Pride events, just don’t expect the public to foot the bill

    • revsimcop says:

      Well said Albion. When one section of society has managed to persuade the police, army, fire brigade and government buildings to openly endorse them, they can no longer be called an oppressed minority. They have reached the heights of power. Meanwhile a couple who won’t bake a cake to protect their conscience are hounded towards poverty. Can we not see how the trampling and bullying of conscience is a threat to the very foundations of our way of life? The balance has tilted way too far. Time ti love and let live and depoliticise the issue.

  10. Albion says:

    The LGBTQ community are part of the establishment with the fascist wing of the community hair trigger sensitive to any form of criticism.

    Their ability to adopt a totally selfish, self centred me, me, me attitude and behaviour is evident in the saga of Prep

    Prep (pre-exposure prophylaxis) which is intended for healthy people who are at high risk of getting HIV. This would include, for example, men who have sex with multiple male partners without using condoms.

    The cost to the NHS would be approx £20m a year, the price of a condom a few pence, however the fascist wing of the LGBTQ community considered their needs far more important in the allocation of limited NHS funds and set in train a high profile, well funded legal campaign to get the NHS to foot the bill.

    At the time of the legal challenge Prep was competing for funding with drugs for a number of other diseases, including one for children with cystic fibrosis and a form of stem cell transplantation.

    The level of bile and spite directed at those arguing for the money to be spent on cystic fibrosis patients was like the abuse experienced by the young man at the Sheffield Pride event.

    The LGBTQ community has suffered abuse, however its time they reflected on the actions and behaviour of some of their own leading lights and live and let live.

    For other examples of the establishment LGBTQ behaviour look at the NI bakers and B&B cases, when they have intimidated religious minorities with their slick, well funded legal campaigns.

    As I say, live and let live.

  11. Liz says:

    Suppose some have not seen the docs on tv for homosexuality and lgbt in the UK….where people are still being beaten up into a pulp for being lgbt.
    This nonsense slagging of pride just gives these small minded bigots and fascists oxygen. Equality and diversity is a long way

  12. Albion says:

    They be both sides of the same coin, those who physically attack individuals for being part of the LGBTQ community and then those fascist members of the LGBTQ community who use the full weight of the law to attack individuals with beliefs different to theirs.

    As I keep saying, live and let live.

  13. Linda Wheeler says:

    Liz… No one on this site advocates violence against LGBTQ, Jews, Christians, Moslems, Disabled or anyone else,… Bullying is rife in the schoolyard and a constant nightmare to some parents of vulnerable children.. Violence against elderly people is on the rise and a National disgrace. There is a law to deal with violent offenders but far to lenient many believe….
    What you don’t have in Britain is State authorised violence against any section of society as is was in Nazi Germany or some middle eastern countries.
    What I have discovered in my fairly long life is you cannot force people to be kind and respectful by legislation.. It tends to work the opposite.
    This was demonstrated by the organisers of the LBGTQ pride parade when trying to prevent violence against one solitary the young man legally exercising freedom of speech.
    The mob gathered around the young man were so hyped up they were unable or unwilling to listen to reason, ignore him ( even laugh at him if they choose) and walk away.
    You are free to call me bigot, but I like to think if I saw anyone getting beaten up for just being who they are ( I hope) I would have the guts to intervene with whatever implement was handy to prevent brutality to an innocent person….I would be ashamed of myself if I stood by and did nothing….
    Check out the face of the red headed girl and the calm face of the preacher and decide who is the bigot Liz…

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