Labour Councillor Invokes ‘Wrath of God’ in Gay Row

A Labour councillor last night warned the wrath of God would be unleashed on her critics after she appeared to compare gay pride marchers to peadophiles.

Chika Amadi, who represents Edgware on Harrow Council, is also a pastor at Goodnews Ministries International. Screenshots were circulated of her social media posts, which campaigners branded homophobic. The row erupted when Amadi posted a link to a report on a Christian website.

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6 thoughts on “Labour Councillor Invokes ‘Wrath of God’ in Gay Row

  1. Chika Amadi is entitled to her religious beliefs and the outcry over her posts on social media is indicative of religious intolerance.
    I don’t care what sexual preferences other people have as long as they keep them private and don’t force their views on me. You can do what you like behind closed doors, just do not do it in public and don’t parade yourselves as a ‘persecuted minority’ and think your rights are above mine..


  2. Spot on.
    I believe in unicorns and fairies and dryads, mermen and alien visitations. I believe in all manner of silliness. Why, they make good stories and ripping yarns and add colour to a dull day.
    The wrath of god sounds great to me and I love this story. Those who expect lightning flashes and thunderbolts to follow, however, may be disappointed.


    • Poetmorgan….The future the Liberal Progressive Left has determined for themselves and future generations could possibly feel like ‘the wrath of God’


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