Aristotle, Socrates, Plato,……….Sansome

While sharing with the masses his razor sharp analysis on the merits of a porcine-pedagogy, Councillor Sansome has unwittingly tapped into a much deeper and more subtle philosophical argument.

I ask the readers to join in this nature vs. nurture debate on educational development, kicked off by Mr. Sansome.

Thanks for the stimulus councillor!


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Sansome: Its ok to make light of the Jay and Casey reports

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Councillor Stuart Sansome thinks making light of the Jay and Casey reports in a pithy comment on Twitter is an acceptable thing to do. Curiously, the reponse is directed at something completely unrelated. Why? By-election anyone? Thorpe-Salvin-Cake-Eater Previously:

Sansome: “I dont like the town Im paid to represent”

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It seems councillor Sansome is rejecting completely the RMBC ‘love where you live’ campaign with his comments on twitter. As a previous area assembly chair and current serving ward councillor you would think he would show some pride in his … Continue reading

Sansome chewing a bone or is he just t’owd ‘bonehead’

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Despite Steven Kinnock, John Mann and even Peter Mandleson acknowledging the contribution that the current Labour leadership has made to their fortunes – and indeed the future of the country – Councillor Sansome still seems to be operating in a … Continue reading

Sansome sows labour discord ( already-!!!! )

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It seems like the anti-corbyn brigade inside Rotherham Labour are already at work. This tweet shows a complete misunderstanding of the position Labour find themselves in now, after not one, but TWO, sets of existential crises in the last 18 … Continue reading

7 thoughts on “Aristotle, Socrates, Plato,……….Sansome

  1. no Councillor Stuart pork cant be educated.
    Resign and give us in Swinton 3 councillors we can be proud of. Blairite trash and snout in the trough.


    • You’ll have to hope the Wath model extends to Swinton: boundary changes may result in Wath only needing two Councillors. Mr Atkin is presumably safe given his connections and knowing Labour, Ms Elliott will pip “Lord Lucan” Evans (Nomis Snave as he prefers to be known on Facebook) to the other position. What then for the esteemed Ex Rawmarsh councillor? Will a third Ward put up with his level of attendance?


  2. My main concern is that this man is foisted on the good folk of swinton by the Labour party who are only interested in looking after their own party members. Below parliamentary level, there should be no party political representation, just independents ( who may privately be affiliated) . This would stop opportunist berks like sansome riding the gravy train and sucking out as much as he can without doing anything worthwhile.


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