Labour Homophobia Storm Councillor Now in FGM Row


Labour Councillor Chika Amadi was suspended from the Labour Party yesterday pending an investigation into her comments about homosexuality: she compared gay pride marchers to “peadophiles“. Today, further allegations emerge against the Harrow councillor and pastor: Guido has seen a letter of complaint against Amadi submitted to Harrow’s monitoring officer.

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Labour Councillor Invokes ‘Wrath of God’ in Gay Row

A Labour councillor last night warned the wrath of God would be unleashed on her critics after she appeared to compare gay pride marchers to peadophiles. Chika Amadi, who represents Edgware on Harrow Council, is also a pastor at Goodnews … Continue reading

15 thoughts on “Labour Homophobia Storm Councillor Now in FGM Row

  1. Sounds like a Dianne Abbott understudy to me God help us if this is the standard of MPs we can expect to “represent” us !


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  3. Strange a “Christian” could be an apologist for Female Genital Mutilation!
    I understood this to be an African tradition subsequently adopted by some Muslims.
    There was a lack of scrutiny when this lady was selected as a candidate.
    This can happen to any Party especially if vulnerably to some entryists.


    • Yes, it is an African tradition.
      I first came across it in Ethiopia in the 1980’s where it is regularly practised by Christian, Muslim and Animist communities across all tribal groups,. A white English friend of mine had attended school in Addis – where her father was Head Teacher – and talked years later about how much she had yearned to be like the other girls in her school class but wasn’t allowed to be.
      Later I became aware of it in both the Samburu and Kikuyu peoples of Kenya. A friend of mine – a Kikuyu – was not allowed by her father – a Hospital Consultant – to go through the “ceremony”, and she, as the sole member of her school class not to be cut, was ostracised in school – she moved to another school.
      I still have a photograph of a teenage Samburu girl in her very best clothes and beads decorating her face for the ceremony that would include the cutting of all the girls in her younger sister’s age group.

      This Unicef article is helpful:


    • Hi Poetmorgan… I have never heard a Christian apologist on female mutilation. Can you give more info on that please.
      The word ‘christian ‘ is open to many interpretations. ie Britain is referred to as a christian country when clearly it is now post christian .
      Our own track record for killing unborn babies would probably be viewed with the same disgust by other cultures.


        • The only reference I can find is her comment that in some countriesFGM it is culturely acceptable. I might make the comment that killing unborn babies is culturely acceptable in the west but I definitely don’t support it.
          If she said ” as a Christian I support FGM” I would call her out on it and ask her to step down as a pastor and a councilor. At this point I don’t know exactly what she said or meant. Will keep looking…..


    • That’s ok……Media got a lot to answer for misquoting what people say.
      In the immortal words of Rowan Atkinson ” I wouldn’t trust em to sit the right way on a toilet seat ”
      My son an artist….Given up on media interviews …Guess why ?


  4. Did you notice REG READER slip in the race card !!. The original poster made no mention at all of any skin colour.
    A normal tactic, deflect from the issue and use the race card in order to change and dilute the original issue. Shame


  5. I don’t know if Reg is ‘officail’ or not but I would like to hear his view on the the naked exhibitionist who paraded himself within an arms length of a clearly disturbed child. The adults around her need a kick up the a..e.
    I don’t know whether he’s a paedophile or not but wouldn’t want him within a ten mile radius of my kids.
    I notice a deafening silence on the ‘Pride’ supporters on this one….I draw my own conclusions from that…..But then… I suppose I am a bigot….


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