Broom Valley Road home “used to produce harmful class A drug”

A RENTED property was used to produce methamphetamine — a drug “more harmful than heroin or cocaine”, a court heard.

Nehdi Tajabidi (31), of Broom Valley Road, Rotherham, Mehdi Esmacpoor (38), of Farm Drive, Rawmarsh, Luliana Otaraseanu (30) of Manor Fields Close, Kimberworth, and Mohammed Chernarli (30) of Mary Hill Road, Glasgow, all deny conspiracy to produce the class A drug at a rented Broom property.

Opening their trial on Monday at Sheffield Crown Court, prosecutor Mr David Gordon said the four played different roles in the methamphetamine cooking operation, “some greater and some lesser”.

Read on…,broom-valley-road-home-used-to-produce-harmful-class-a-drug_23385.htm

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6 Responses to Broom Valley Road home “used to produce harmful class A drug”

  1. Xinsider says:

    Another shining example of the “joys and benefits” of multiculturalism in the town !

    • Cliff Topp says:

      The scourge of drug dealing and manufacture aren’t exclusive “joys and benefits” of ethnic minorities, there are plenty of UK born citizens not from ethnic minorities holidaying at Her Majestey’s Pleasure.

  2. big bird . says:

    rented property , says it all , name of the landlord ? bet he /she know nothing about this drug factory .

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