Councillor Suspended for Calling Naked Gay Pride Marchers ‘Paedophiles’

A Christian Labour councillor has been suspended by the party after posting a tweet calling gay pride marchers who paraded naked in front of children “paedophiles”.

Harrow councillor Chika Amadi shared an article on Twitter from the Christian website, in July which showed a little girl covering her eyes as naked men marched by during Toronto’s 2011 Gay Pride Parade.

Ms. Amadi shared the 2014 article and tweeted: “Nothing but Paedophelia [sic] labelled liberalism. Adults polluting children with their senselessness. Walked naked to drive your point home?”

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Labour Councillor Invokes ‘Wrath of God’ in Gay Row

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6 thoughts on “Councillor Suspended for Calling Naked Gay Pride Marchers ‘Paedophiles’

  1. In March this year, I took my two, adult, children to the Royal Victoria Hotel, Sheffield, for lunch. I wasn’t made aware of it, but the hotel was hosting the National Students Union, LGB&T Section Conference.and for the duration of the conference, delegates had been allowed to label the toilets ‘Gender Neutral.’
    Now this may not have brought down the Wrath of God, but it sure as hell popped my cork.
    Needless to say, I do not plan to use the Royal Vic again any time soon.


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