Hospital in multi-million pound budget deficit

ROTHERHAM NHS Foundation Trust ended the year £13 million worse off than bosses had planned.

The trust, which runs Rotherham Hospital, ended the financial year with a budget deficit of £6.4 million.

It had aimed for a surplus of £6.6 million. This was based on receiving £6.5 million of sustainability and transformation funding from the Government.

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9 thoughts on “Hospital in multi-million pound budget deficit

  1. Feel good factor question.

    Would you pay more NI, so nurses and doctors receive a pay increase?

    Answer! No.

    The actual crux of the matter is!
    More and more money being diverted into PFI hands, the NHS isn’t underfunded, funds are being used inappropriately.

    So if we are heading out of the EU, I think we no longer need to be confined to the constraints of privatisation of public sector services.

    And if you believe we are on our way out of the EU, why isn’t it that people aren’t talking about renationalising public sector organisations, schools, hospitals, etc.

    Either way, surely this has nothing to do with the new A&E unit, paid for by yours truly the tax payer.


  2. So there I am, Finance Director to a multi million pound private business, who reports to the CEO. I say, “we have messed up and come in with a deficit of around £13 million”. CEO reports to the Board of Directors . Boards says “Finance Director, your sacked”, CEO your sacked.
    So there I am, with a new job in the NHS, Finance Director, who reports to the CEO. I say “we have messed up and come in with a deficit of around £13 million”. CEO reports to the Board of Trustees. Trustees say “never mind we will try harder next year”.
    This sums up the whole NHS management system, no one is held accountable..


  3. Slight problem with your argument, the hospital Chief Executive has no control over people going to the free at the point of delivery Accident and Emergency department, the Chief Executive also has no control over the hundreds of people who inflict Type 2 Diabetes in themselves by mainly being overweight, having a poor diet, drinking far to much alcohol and not taking exercise, they then develop heart conditions etc. and end up in hospital.

    So what do you expect, hospital budget cut and the numbers of patients needing treatment on the increase, result overspend, even a Daily Heil reader could work that one out, simples isn’t it?

    And as for no one being accountable in the NHS, care to remember the private sector banking crisis and who bailed them out?

    No one sacked, no loss of a Knighthood and they go on as non-executive directors on the boards of other dodgy private sector companies.

    The Banksters are still there, enjoying their multi-million pound salaries while the NHS is given a good kicking by the Tory government, the Daily Tory-graph and Daily Heil.


    • ‘No loss of knighthood, banksters still there?’ Does the name Fred Goodwin ring any bells? Ex chief of RBS, he was de-knighted in 2012.


  4. Sir Tom Mckillop, Victor Blank, George Matthewson, Mervyn King, have they had their Knighthoods removed?

    No, like I said no removal of Knighthoods.


  5. same old Labour Sh*te. My comments were made ” tongue in cheek” to give an example of the difference of accountability between the Public and Private sector. You were so blinded by your red tinted glasses you forgot to read the actual content.
    The NHS is awash with money and is so wasteful, any fool with a limited amount of financial information could make savings without effecting the “free at the point of entry” service.
    Typical “blame the Tories” by jezzer`s mates, in order to not to address the true problem. Just shake the magic money tree and spend the gold pennies that fall.


  6. So being responsible and accountable for your own health by discipline in what you eat, the amount of alcohol you drink to prevent a mostly avoidable medial problem like Type2 Diabetes is Labour xxxx?
    No wonder we have a problem with the over 50, middle class sucking limited resources from the NHS
    Then you have to hand it to the diminishing numbers of Daily Heil readers who find even recognising that red on a food label is not good that they would consider it their right to increase the pressure on the NHS by a lifestyle that will drain millions out of the NHS, I can hear it now, we paid our Stamp, its those fat cat managers with the bloated NHS budget to blame for the mess, it should be private, much better you know.
    As for the Theresa May statement June 2017, “but there isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want.” made in response to a nurse pointing out about a 14% decrease in her salary and NHS workers accessing food banks became one of biggest cons by the Tory’s.
    A £1.5 billion Tory bribe to an ultra-conservative, religious fundamentalist party for ten votes is fine,,then the Dail Heil would approve of that.
    On a separate note, I did find the Momentum parody of the white middle class Daily Heil reader funny, worth watching.


    • Albion, a cursory glance at the record of Sir David Nicholson, NHS head honcho until his ‘retirement,’ suggests your case, though powerfully argued, is not exactly watertight.


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