Fracking firm looking at drilling in second Rotherham village

THE fracking firm hoping to drill in Harthill has announced plans to look for shale gas in Woodsetts too.

Ineos said a site south of Dinnington Road in the village had been highlighted as having potential for drilling.

Preparatory surveys are being carried out by the chemicals company in the south of the Rotherham borough.

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INEOS selects second shale gas site in Rotherham

Land to the south of Dinnington Road at Woodsetts in Rotherham is the second Greenbelt location for a proposed test drilling operation by INEOS’ oil and gas exploration and production business.

INEOS has recently submitted a planning application for its first exploration site in the borough – at a site between the villages of Harthill and Thorpe Salvin. Both sites have been identified as being in an area of interest to INEOS based on existing seismic data.

A type of natural gas, shale gas has the potential to become an important energy source for the UK, as it is in the US, but extracting the gas using a method called “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) has negative environmental impacts.

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Woodsetts shale gas drilling site proposed

An energy firm has said it wants to drill an exploration well for future shale gas extraction in South Yorkshire.

Ineos wants to drill near Woodsetts, near Rotherham, based on “existing geological data”.

The proposed site is west of the village and south of Dinnington Road.

Rose Dickinson, of Friends of the Earth, said: “It is concerning this is the first stage of a potential fracking application.”

“There has been no fracking for six years and it is not a viable technology, it poses many risks to people and the environment,” the energy and climate campaigner added.

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2 thoughts on “Fracking firm looking at drilling in second Rotherham village

  1. You can thank your local Labour Cllrs for this development, they gave up without a fight, this from the article sums up the approach by the controlling Labour group:
    On the first site, Rotherham Council, determined that INEOS’ proposed project falls outside the remit of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations, concluding that: “The impacts from the proposed development are found not to be likely to be so significant, either individually or collectively, such as to require EIA.”
    Nothing new from Labour, you will not see them until they need your vote.


  2. I neither for or against this issue at present, I would like more information before I make my mind up. Quite frankly I wish someone would get on and get one of these thinks up and running, that way we could then monitor it for enviro damage and H&S Implications. If it works “clean” then fine, carry on, it it is damaging the area, then it gets pulled full stop.
    I note the comments of Rose Dickinson, “its not a viable technology” Tell that to the Yanks, their energy bills have come down by approx a third. she goes on “it poses many risks to people and the environment” How ?. Its my understanding that no fracking wells have been put into full production yet in the UK, so what does she base her statements on.


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