Station which broadcast “terrorist” lectures closed down for good

A RADIO station which broadcast lectures by a “global terrorist” and al-Qaeda recruiter has been shut down for good.

Iman FM, which aired content for Muslim listeners in Rotherham and Sheffield, had its licence suspended by Ofcom on July 4.

The watchdog spent three weeks investigating and hearing appeals, before taking the station permanently off air.

Read on…,station-which-broadcast-terrorist-lectures-closed-down_23403.htm

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8 Responses to Station which broadcast “terrorist” lectures closed down for good

  1. Xinsider says:

    At last – a Public Body not pandering to ethnic minorities ! Well done Ofcom ! Does this ban extend to other Imam FM local stations in other towns and cities or was it only the Sheffield station which broadcast this Hate Preacher ?

  2. Hotspot says:

    OFCOM, very nice.

    I’m just wondering what OFCOM’s remit is, just thinking if hate preaching on the Internet is inclusive.

    I’m thinking about significant portions of YouTube, Facebook etc freely expressing the same.

    But who cares what I think!

    • Woody says:

      Ofcom is the communications regulator in the UK. We regulate the TV, radio and video-on-demand sectors, fixed-line telecoms, mobiles and postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate
      No need to thank me hotspot , only took a few seconds to google it

      • Hotspot says:

        Thanks Woody.

        Surely most of us use mobile communications to view on line extremist paraphernalia, of one form or another.

        I am just trying to see if OFCOM is failing us in other departments.

        Sometimes we need something more than oogling on googling, something like ‘a sense of direction’.

    • reg reader says:

      OFCOM does not and cannot regulate US based sites like YouTube and Facebook.

      • Hotspot says:

        Reg reader.

        OFCOM I don’t know, maybe it stands for office of communications.

        Maybe this office has the remit of;

        The, Telecommunications act 2003.

        Section 127 of the act makes it an offence to send a message that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character over a public electronic communications network.

        Users of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc have fallen foul of section 127.

        If users under section 127 have been charged, would you believe that service providers are above the law.

  3. Deep Throat says:

    There is an expectation that the forces of Law & Order have yet to decide on prosecutions?

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