HS2 will destroy our village

ALL the pain and no gain – that’s the view of residents in Aston after transport bosses gave the green light for a high speed railway line to plough through their village.

Members of the Aston Against HS2 campaign group said their neighbourhood would be ruined if the controversial project goes ahead.

The route, which was backed by the Department for Transport last month, will cut through the Netherthorpe end of Aston – near the A57 Worksop Road – destroying homes, horse riding stables and wildlife-filled countryside – before heading off towards Bramley, Mexborough and the Dearne Valley.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,hs2-will-destroy-our-village_23402.htm

2 thoughts on “HS2 will destroy our village

  1. my thoughts on this matter:
    “The route, which was backed by the Department for Transport last month, will cut through the Netherthorpe end of Aston”
    …and the previous Meadowhall route cut though the Fence end of Aston, and would have destroyed just as many worthy nature sites and rural businesses.

    If HS2 goes ahead there will always be communities that loose out.

    Personally, I consider that HS2 offers little that full electrification of the Sheffield/London line would not offer, but the Gov says that that is not going ahead now.
    Travelling up on the line earlier this week from London – well the 2-hour journey was OK by me.
    Travelling back down to Outer-London Surrey next week will be hell, with the development work starting at London-Waterloo to allow longer trains on to its platforms.
    Lots of money going into transport in London region, not much going into our Northern Poorhouse.
    (But Surrey bus services have completely fallen apart – Surrey councillors must all have interests in taxi firms. )


  2. Rather than disrupting communities with HS2 couldn’t we run up either side of the M1 on embankments. Far cheaper, less disruption and parallel with the motorway network.


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