Opposition gathers to protest Government decision to scrap rail electrification in Sheffield

A union campaign to reverse the Government’s controversial decision to scrap electrification of railway lines in Sheffield, other parts of the North, the Midlands and Wales is being stepped up.

The Midland Main Line was due to be electrified by 2023, in a move transport chiefs said would speed up trains, increase capacity and reduce the need for track maintenance.

The Department for Transport claimed this new technology would cut long-distance journey times from Sheffield by up to 20 minutes and provide more than 1,000 extra peak-time seats an hour to London without the need for ‘disruptive’ electrification works.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opposition-gathers-to-protest-government-decision-to-scrap-rail-electrification-in-sheffield-1-8688767

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