Who is standing for UKIP leader?

Who is standing for UKIP leader? Meet the candidates in the political battle hardly anyone’s noticed

You probably don’t know, but UKIP’s choosing a new leader. Yes, another one. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the showdown you’ve never heard of

While you’re on the beach, a man who said a gay donkey raped his horse is wrestling for power with a woman who thinks Islam is evil.

Oh, and don’t forget the woman who lost a six-figure libel battle with Labour and the man who wants to get “proper toasters” after Brexit .

It all comes after the party suffered a bloodbath in the general election – with its votes slashed from 4million to 500,000. For that reason, and others listed below, there’s not been much press coverage.

So you’d be forgiven for not knowing your way round what is surely the battle of the summer.

Even UKIP members don’t seem too fussed. A whopping 20 people turned up to a hustings in Newport, south Wales, last night. (UKIP insisted it wasn’t an official event).

Read on… http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/who-standing-ukip-leader-meet-10929790

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