Newcastle grooming gang – more from The Times

Ex-police chief Sue Sim ‘appalled’ at use of rapist in Newcastle grooming case

The former chief constable who set up a sex-grooming investigation in which a child rapist was paid to be a police informant said yesterday that she was “appalled and horrified” by the tactic, which was allegedly kept from her.

Sue Sim, chief constable of Northumbria police until April 2015, accused junior officers of hiding the payment of almost £10,000 to the sex offender “because they knew full well that I would not have approved it”.

Mrs Sim set up Operation Sanctuary in December 2013 and it became the largest ever investigation into child and adult exploitation in the northeast, identifying 780 potential victims.

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Case study: when she awoke, her jeans had been pulled off

‘I remember being in a car,” she recalled in a police interview. “I don’t know whose car because I can’t really remember anything. But for some reason I remember falling asleep.” When she awoke, she was in Mohibur Rahman’s bedroom. Her jeans and knickers had been pulled to her knees.

She was just 17 at the time — one of many vulnerable girls plucked off the streets of Newcastle and lured by a gang of Asian men back to a network of flats and houses throughout the city’s west end.

Men would host parties they called “sessions”. Their victims were plied with drugs and alcohol before being sexually abused.

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