Police and council agree compensation running into six figures with Rotherham abuse scandal victims

Victims of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal have received compensation pay-outs running into six-figure sums from South Yorkshire Police and the town’s council, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

Lawyers acting on behalf of 75 women who were preyed on by gangs of predatory paedophiles as children in the town have confirmed that the first wave of payments have been agreed.

Switalskis Solicitors says several civil claims relating to the failures of the police and council to protect vulnerable girls have now been settled, with “significant awards” being made.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/exclusive-police-and-council-agree-compensation-running-into-six-figures-with-rotherham-abuse-scandal-victims-1-8697035

7 thoughts on “Police and council agree compensation running into six figures with Rotherham abuse scandal victims

  1. All at tax payers expense.

    What about compensation for when innocents are falsely and maliciously accused, and police fail to do their job properly?

    What about punishment for blatantly false accusations, from deceitful accusers? It happens. I know. I saw it going on, and still see it going on.

    Below is a case in point.


    Something is rotten to the core here.


    • At least justice was finally achieved in that case. Reports suggest that nationwide there are countless others wrongly accused and the police decide to make sure the evidence can only point one way (one of the big problems is officers telling the alleged victim to say something happened in a video interview because then the process can stop or they won’t be involved thereafter).

      When they get to court with all the evidence stacked against them and a solicitor provided by legal aid the defendant will usually be advised to make an early guilty plea and accept probation or a few months in prison rather than risk losing and getting a hefty sentence like mr Ali.

      Unfortunately when a case is resolved by a guilty plea it becomes much more difficult to get permission to appeal. They generally have to prove outright corruption which cannot be explained away as incompetence. An example of just how difficult that can be is provided by the ipcc investigation into the case given above
      In simplest terms: the CPS ask for evidence that is likely to secure a conviction. They were given it and didn’t ask questions about how it was obtained or if there was anything that might undermine the case so no misconduct.


    • The complainant a young girl could not face the ordeal of going through a second trial. That’s why he’s got off with it. The CPS would have certainly gone ahead with a retrial, but with out her, they had to reluctantly let him escape justice.


      • We haven’t been told the complainant was unwilling to proceed with a retrial, only that after consulting with her the crown did not proceed. That consultation took place after the CA quashed the conviction and probably involved at some stage asking if there was any possibility of explaining why her friend had given a statement that fundamentally undermined the prosecution case.

        Steering slightly back onto the topic of the post: since his conviction has been quashed on the grounds of police and prosecution failures he is probably entitled to compensation up to £100k himself.


        • Alex: You say. “We haven’t been told the complainant was unwilling to proceed with a retrial, only that after consulting with her the crown did not proceed”
          Yet The Star’s article quotes the CPS as saying.”“The complainant, in this case, does not wish to go through the trial process for the second time and so we decided not to pursue a retrial.” Appearing once in front of a crown court would be quite an ordeal for a 14 year-old girl, it’s understandable that she couldn’t face it a second time. Or perhaps she has totally fabricated her complaint!


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