An opportunity for all 63 Rotherham Councillors …

An update from the Rotherham Truth Campaign.

Here is an opportunity for all 63 councillors to show they are on the side of victims and survivors of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation)

Let’s hope that all 63 Councillors agree that it is essential that all RMBC officers (especially those appointed since the publication of the Jay Report almost three years ago, beginning with David McWilliams and Ian Thomas) are truthful in their engagements with of victims and survivors of CSE.

16 days have passed since my lengthy meeting with Sharon Kemp, RMBC Chief Executive, on Wednesday 26 July.

Sharon’s PA took minutes. I have yet to receive a copy.

I have had it confirmed this evening that I will be able to speak to the Rotherham Council petition on Wednesday 13 September 2017:

The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber, Rotherham Town Hall, Moorgate Street, S60 2TH and will commence at 2.00pm.

Read it all:

5 thoughts on “An opportunity for all 63 Rotherham Councillors …

  1. Has child exploitation ended or has it changed direction, especially when the use of certain flats are being looked into because of many claimes of young Slovak/Romanian prostitution taxis constantly outside same flats


  2. Can anybody tell me how many in Rotherham have been prosecuted for the CSE? If 1400 girls were abused multiple times, then it must run into 100’s if not 1000’s. On top of that why has nobody in the Police force or Rotherham council been prosecuted for ignoring this more many years?


  3. A very good question Tim, what ever the number progress is slow and there must be a public investigation into RMBC regarding CSE.

    63 RMBC elected members have an opportunity to demonstrate that the culture within the council has changed and support the truth campaign.

    It will be telling if they all fail to support the letter from the truth group.


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