Dozens wait for compensation over Rotherham sex abuse

Dozens of victims of the Rotherham child abuse scandal are still waiting for compensation payouts from the authorities that failed them to be agreed – despite many already having given evidence in court that resulted in criminal convictions.

More than 50 civil claims against South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council for failing vulnerable girls who were preyed on by gangs of paedophiles in the town remain outstanding, with five cases settled so far with payouts running into six figures.

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Police and council agree compensation running into six figures with Rotherham abuse scandal victims

Victims of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal have received compensation pay-outs running into six-figure sums from South Yorkshire Police and the town’s council, The Yorkshire Post can reveal. Lawyers acting on behalf of 75 women who were preyed on … Continue reading

2 thoughts on “Dozens wait for compensation over Rotherham sex abuse

  1. I doubt if Kimber was waiting long for his £26,000 handshake or Thacker was waiting long either for her £40,000 payout. It is beyond belief that “scum” such as these, and ex-police officers of medium and senior rank, should be paid from the public purse for being incompetent and uncaring sef-interested “scum”.
    In a just society , their assets would be sequestrated and the money obtained put into a fund to pay to the victims whom they failed to protect, in order to advance their own careers and self-interest.


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