They’re rapists first, racists a distant second

Bringing race into grooming gang trials lets vile criminals off the hook

The scandal of grooming gangs in Rotherham and other towns arose because too much attention was paid to race. Shockingly, police and social services preferred letting hundreds of vulnerable children be raped to being called racist or Islamophobic for prosecuting Asian Muslim men for obviously criminal behaviour.

There were other factors at work, too: police were inclined to see the girls as sluts, while “progressive” social services took a loose view of the age of consent. But race, not sex abuse or rape, has defined this debate.

What have we learnt? You guessed it: we are still not paying enough attention to race. Here were white girls being abused by dark-skinned men! And nobody dared say so!

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2 thoughts on “They’re rapists first, racists a distant second

  1. It is culture racism, that’s the difference.
    These people are here to take anything and everything from our country.
    They should be deported by losing their citizenship rights because they have never had the intention of being a citizen!


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