Sarah Champion distances herself from Sun article on British Pakistani men

Labour MP says her opening paragraphs were edited and ‘stripped of nuance’ but the tabloid says her team approved it

The Labour shadow minister Sarah Champion has distanced herself from a column in the Sun in which she wrote: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.”

The shadow women and equalities minister, who is MP for Rotherham, said her piece had been altered and should “not have gone out in my name”. The newspaper said the MP’s team had fully approved the article.

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Rotherham MP Sarah Champion accused of trying to distance herself from column on British Pakistani grooming gangs

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion has been accused of attempting to distance herself from a column she penned in The Sun on British Pakistani grooming gangs, after a number of Labour members called for her to be sacked as a shadow minister.

The Guardian reports that Ms Champion says her piece had been altered and ‘should not not have gone out in my name’. But a spokesperson for The Sun said Ms Champion’s team had approved the column before it went to print.

The column appeared last Friday, following the news that 18 members of a grooming gang in Newcastle were convicted of offences including rape, assault, supplying drugs and trafficking for prostitution.

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11 thoughts on “Sarah Champion distances herself from Sun article on British Pakistani men

  1. Give me strength, Naz Shah MP a Labour Muslim politician who is not without form when it comes to using racist language

    I would have thought that the Labour party would have used a more acceptable individual to front and coordinate the letter condemning the Scum article, then again the Pakistani vote is key in many Labour held seats

    Shah’s Facebook comments about transportation and Israel make her unfit for office let alone front the rebuttal on the Scum

    What has Shah got to say for herself when it comes to CSE and the link to criminals within the Pakistani community?


  2. “It should not have gone out in my name” ?

    Oh dear Sarah,

    “She is absolutely thrilled with it – just gone to get some hard copies. However, she is mortified that you’ve used such an ancient picture of her – it is about five years old! I sent some newer ones last summer to the picture desk and am attaching them again here. Please can you send them on to the relevant person. Thanks, x”


    • Yes it certainly seems like that, once again demonstrating that the most important priority for her is her image and how she’s perceived, I think her principles are probably as elastic as that which holds her knickers up.


  3. MP`s cannot put “spead`s” like these in national newspapers with out full approval. If it was approved, then why is she saying its a” poor choice of words” ?. This is the second time she has stepped down from Jezzer`s front bench, that`s it, career over.


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