Sheffield Council to pursue tree campaigners for damages and £150,000 legal costs

Tree campaigners fear they could be left destitute after Sheffield Council confirmed it will pursue them for more than £150,000 in legal costs and damages.

Chris Burn reports. It was not exactly Gary Cooper in High Noon, but the stakes were raised once again in the latest showdown over Sheffield’s tree-felling policy between council bosses and campaigners on the steps of the Town Hall.

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Judge halts protest to save trees in Sheffield

Five hundred mature trees are due to be felled after Sheffield city council won a High Court battle to bring injunctions against protesters trying to save them.

The judge made orders stopping Alison Teal, a Green councillor, and “persons unknown” taking “unlawful direct action” preventing the felling of roadside trees. Anyone who enters a “safety zone” around a tree faces a fine or imprisonment.

Mr Justice Males said his ruling dealt “solely with the legal question” of the injunctions. “I express no view as to the merits of the tree-felling programme.”

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1 thought on “Sheffield Council to pursue tree campaigners for damages and £150,000 legal costs

  1. Where are the Peoples Socialist Republic of Sheffield’s gulags ?
    I think they are probably a waste of money – public floggings in front of the town hall is far cheaper, and more effective to deter dissenters – this way everyone can see for themselves what happens to those who dare to challenge the authority of the Dear Leaders.


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