Letter to the Media about Muhbeen Hussain

Twice within the last few days Muhbeen Hussain has been presented in the media, commenting upon equalities issues, as  representing “British Muslim Youth.” The inference being that he represents an organisation, popular movement or somehow has a special status or standing that allows him to speak on behalf of Muslim young people in Britain

Other than by his age and ethnicity the latter is NOT the case

The only legal status thus far associated with the British Muslim Youth is in fact a company registered at Companies House under the name of BMY (CIC).

It is neither a registered charity nor political party

There are only three Company Directors. Muhbeen himself, his brother Vakas & a friend Waqass Farid. It is profit distributing structure, unlike the traditional non-profit distributing model used by pressure or charitable organisations.

Until recently there was a web site, now taken down. It revealed there are no regular meetings, no elected officers; indeed no register of membership nor constitution save the minimum required by companies house for the company BMY. This identifies the three company directors as the sole decision makers.

As of searching today the web domain ownership appears to have expired.

The Company BMY is currently in default of Companies House regulations having not submitted their annual accounts by 8th July 2017 as required.

Key missing elements from all their public declarations are:

What is his his constituency and how he gathers information or provides leadership to justify himself as a representative of young Muslims in Britain?

Neither he nor his self proclaimed group have an identifiable national presence, other than his being in the contacts book of some lazy media researchers and a couple of his relatives who work for the BBC.

There may be some thinking that this is a free wheeling, independent minded  youth group who shun traditional political models. Or that while they have the passion they simply don’t have the skills needed to form an organisation in the British mould.

This is not the case. Muhbeen & Vakas  are in fact the latest active generation of an old Mirpuri family with a tradition of engagement in politics. On Linkedin Vakas presents himself as having experience as a paralegal and due to have started tutelage with a London firm of Barristers (un-named) in September 2016.

In term of his status within the Muslim community; as well as being geographically limited to a few families in Rotherham, Muhbeens campaigns have been failures.

Indeed an appeal he made for Muslims to boycott SY Police in 2016 was totally ignored by his own community.

While  trying to associate himself with the the successful court defence of the self proclaimed Rotherham 12, he fails to point that he had to be asked by friends and families of the accused  men to keep his mouth shut and let the professionals get on with the defence.

In the car crash that is inter ethnic relationships in Rotherham the best description of Muhbeen is as a self promoting, failed ambulance chaser.

That the media insist on using him as the voice of young Muslims risks over simplification and misrepresentation of the scope and variety of opinions that occur within any sector of the population.

Wil Ewart

The full story of Muhbeen’s activities: http://wp.me/P1ko7Z-67E

11 thoughts on “Letter to the Media about Muhbeen Hussain

  1. Now what was it Citizen Khan used to say ……………. ” community leader , everyone knows me” .
    Adil Ray knows the score.


  2. Given that information Wil i’m reminded that I often wondered about the veracity of his claims on the BMY website to have been a mentoring partner in “certain schools” with these people, Mosaic. https://www.mosaicnetwork.co.uk/mentor/

    Difficult to double check now the websites gone but if one googles “british muslim youth mentoring” sans quote marks his claim is the top result

    The thought of him and/or his cronies mentoring schoolchildren fills me with dread.


    • Dave Earp says “Difficult to double check now the websites gone but if one googles “british muslim youth mentoring” sans quote marks his claim is the top result”.
      It’s quite easy to double-check via the wayback machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20170104182004/http://www.britishmuslimyouth.org.uk/events/

      As part of our long term goal of building a truly inclusive and united Great Britain, we feel it is fundamental to push this message to young children.

      Education is a vital tool; one which we must utilise if we are to achieve our Aims and Objectives. To this end, we work collaboratively with the leading children’s charity, Mosaic, on their secondary school mentoring programme.

      Members of British Muslim Youth act as mentors in certain schools that have signed up this program with Mosaic. Not only do we engage with children and discuss issues of concern to them, our members also assist them with developing their skills on confidence, self-efficacy and nurture their long -term employability skills.

      Our members have expertise in law, engineering, pharmacy, history, politics and social work (to name but a few). We use our experiences to motivate and inspire future generations to achieve the very best in life and become active citizens who contribute to a truly unique and wider community.

      If you wish to get involved in our mentoring programme or require further information on this topic, please complete the short form under the ‘Contact Us’ tab and we will assist you with your query.


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  5. All it’s his friends and the Wellgate gang (Bostans mainly) getting some local credibility. ‘Look at us, we’re part of the BMY’. They hilariously started off doing a litter pick in Wellgate which they’ve never bothered to do since. They have no community background besides Muhbeen’s privilege of having a prominent – or should that be infamous – uncle. He certainly doesn’t represent me.


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