Anti-semitism taints Labour and the law

Concern is growing in Britain’s Jewish community over anti-semitism in politics and the failure of authorities to enforce the law, according to a report.

Gideon Falter, chairman of Campaign against Antisemitism, which is publishing the report, titled Antisemitism Barometer 2017, said British Jews “pointed their fingers at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Labour Party”.

They ranked Islamist anti-semitism as their greatest concern, followed by anti-semitism on the political far left and the far right. However, Falter said there were encouraging signs that the general public was rejecting prejudice, with a decline since a previous survey in 2015.

Falter said: “Fairly and quietly, Britons have been rejecting anti-semitic prejudice.

“If British society can fight anti-semitism, why are our world-renowned criminal justice system and some of our famous political parties still doing too little?”

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2 thoughts on “Anti-semitism taints Labour and the law

    • By freeing Palestine Joe , do you mean agreeing with Hamas calling for the destruction of Israel or that Israel has no right to exist as a nation ?
      Are you aware that Arab territories are more than 500 times the size of Israel.?
      Are you aware of the 1 million Arabs live and work in Israel with same benefits as Jews.?
      Wonder how you would feel if your neighbor was daily lobbing deadly missiles in your back garden where your kids play.
      The problems between these two ( historically half brothers ) nations goes back to the days of Abraham…. Who the hell do we think we are to tell them how to fix it hostilities that have defied human resolution for thousands of years,,,,
      Britain hasn’t managed to fix the vile abuse of children by alien cultures by facing the obvious truth of what is happening under their noses….Now they know they still can’t fix it….
      “Free Palestine Joe ” My question to you is … ?


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