Children ‘sacrificed’ for political correctness: Jeremy Corbyn attacked for censoring MPs

Rotherham split over Sarah Champion’s Sun article about sex abuse

While some applaud her for speaking out, the town’s sizeable Pakistani community feels betrayed by their MP

Some stop to applaud Sarah Champion in the street for having the courage to speak out. Others who thought they knew their MP are left wondering.

Taiba Yasseen, a Labour councillor for Rotherham town centre, has been a staunch ally of Champion since she pitched her hat into the parliamentary ring. But Yasseen never anticipated Champion writing a piece for the Sun that has left some in the South Yorkshire town, with its significant British Pakistani population, feeling betrayed. “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls,” said the story’s introduction.

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Children ‘sacrificed’ for political correctness: Jeremy Corbyn attacked for censoring MPs

A DETECTIVE last night defended Sarah Champion, the Labour MP forced to resign from Jeremy Corbyn’s team last week for speaking out about grooming gangs

The shadow equalities minister was ousted from her role after writing: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it.”Maggie Oliver, a former detective constable who worked on the Rochdale Asian grooming case, said the resignation acted as a “warning shot” to anyone prepared to put their career on the line by admitting the issue despite cultural and racial sensitivities.She said: “Generations of children have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

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7 thoughts on “Children ‘sacrificed’ for political correctness: Jeremy Corbyn attacked for censoring MPs

  1. I have said in another comment on this issue that Corbyn is an old-school marxist. He has the same backward authoritarian political outlook as all those in Rotherham who were themselves totally incapable of facing the problems caused by the vile dogma of multiculturalism and the associated cultural relativism

    Rapid large scale immigration has facilitated the growth of separated communities. As I have stated before ….. physically here, but culturally and mentally still in the Third World.
    To walk though some inner city areas is to walk through a South Asian enclave, replete with South Asian food stores, clothing shops, bookshops,mosques,video stores,Islamic Centres with Sharia courts,halal fast food outlets,Western Union money transfer facilities everywhere and numerous solicitors offering help with immigration problems.

    The attitudes and value systems held by many in these areas is competely imcompatible with our secular democratic system and they have imported their own Biraderi system to promote “their own” into influential positions via the block vote and corrupting the postal voting system.

    The “us and them” consequences of multiculturalism has produced within our language a recognition of separation – the “Asian community” , tha “Afro-Caribbean community” , the “BEM community”, ……….. all recognised as somehow so different that they have no need to be considered part of the wider community.

    In the outdated, failed and intellectually degenerate marxist outlook of Corbyn, dissent to the multicultural fantasy is obhorent, and to refer to a minority as being anything but persecuted victims is intolerable. To state that one of these minority groups can actually be implicit in the large scale predation of another ethnic group due to their cultural value system is totally incomprehensible to someone like Corbyn. It must be met with Stalinist-style repression of free speech and all dissenters punished and made an example to others.

    All Corbyn has ever been is a backbench protester – he wallows in protests because it requires no thought and gives him public exposure. Corbyn is the full pro-multicultural pro-ethnic package – why did anyone ever think he wouldn’t chop Champion ? Chp one Champion , gain thousands and thousands of muslim votes, it’s a no-brainer – ideal for Corbyn.


    • Very well said Paul Wilson….I couldn’t agree more…..
      No doubt you will pay the price for telling the truth which is very rare in today’s world.


  2. Champion was niave for writing for a murdoch rag like the scum and its trackrecord of wapping, union bashing, orgreave, hillsbrough and hacking/milly dowler etc

    However she was brave for her comments that were in context for cse grooming in places like rochdale, rotherham, west yorkshire, oxford and bristol who were predomintly from kashmiri community. The victims were also kashmiri who were raped and abused.

    Just as those that failed to alert the public and safeguard young people or turned a blind eye and covered up were white – Same as for paedaphilia for establishment, childrens homes, celebrity and religious were mostly white.


    • She could have got her comments into the Times or the Telegraph , but certainly not the left-wing censored Guardian or the Independent.
      The only conclusion that one can draw from exposing such views to The Scum is that she is not overly intelligent – par for the course in today’s labour party.


  3. I used to have some respect for Jeremy Corbyn as a principled man. No longer. All about votes. Same for Sarah Champion. She should have stuck to her guns for speaking the truth. Instead it looks like she’s trying to protect her political career.


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