Naz Shah lets the cat out of the bag!

Sent this image from a Naz Shah twitter exchange, readers will want to see it.

This does not seem to be what it appears to be? Some form of hoax, it would seem.

7 thoughts on “Naz Shah lets the cat out of the bag!

  1. This is totally unacceptable, people like this should be restrained from holding a public office roll for life, talk about one step forward 10 back, this needs to be forwarded to as many people, media, newspapers as possible


  2. This is why this problem will never be sorted out because of people like Owen Jones they don’t understand the torture and rape of children.They have opinions on everything but never achieve anything.Give me 10 minutes of air time with Mr jones and Naz Shah I would love it.


  3. This article is based on a fraud. The texs cited do not, and never did exist.
    I’ve back tracked and discovered that @stoprapegangs doesn’t have twitter account nad therefore shoudn’t be using the @ appendage, and whoever writes uses it as cover and pretence.


  4. Totally correct John g, this comment /. tweet should be forwarded to Private Eye magazine and The Yorkshire Post as should the excellent article, recently written and posted here, by Giles Humphrey ! These things need to reach much further than Rothpol !!


  5. You can bet it will not be condemned by local politicians at any level, they will not say word against anyone in the party. Anti semitic, Zionist, people will still vote for them, what does it take for people to say enough is enough of labour. What do the girls and their families think?


  6. This why I get frustrated with the right wingers who contribute. It is also an explanation as to why people find it very difficult to refer to the male Pakistani/Mirpuri role in CSE….


    Have any of the contributors since my submission actually checked out the evidence trail I cited?

    It isn’t difficult, just check out the accounts of those engaged in the discussion, trying to find the so called retweets, think about why a key name ”stoprapegangs” pretends it has a twitter account when it doesn’t.

    Just because something says what you want to be true doeasn’t Make it so, and lying helps nobody’s cause.

    Please take this down Rik, it discredits all of us who have tried to expose the cultural and ethnic aspects of CSE.


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